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Fans Worried for Tom Brady After Goat Looks ‘Dead’ at UFC 285 Public Appearance Alongside Former Teammate

Published 03/05/2023, 4:25 AM EST

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Tom Brady was seen enjoying his retirement at the much-awaited UFC 285. Brady even went off on social media and showcased his excitement for the event. He was also spotted at the event with a former teammate from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, despite Brady’s apparent enjoyment, some fans expressed concern. NFL news reporter Ari Meirov incorporated elements from the UFC in his latest report.

While Brady appeared to be his usual smiling self in the stands of the octagon, there seemed like there might have been something a little different about everyone’s favorite quarterback. They reacted to his appearance and also commented on his seating arrangement with an old teammate.

Tom Brady enjoys UFC 285 with former teammate


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The highly anticipated UFC 285 had generated an electric buzz across the world, and the seven-time Super Bowl star Tom Brady was equally hyped. He arrived at the event with his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate, Mike Evans, by his side, ready to witness the intense action unfold. This came after openly declared his unwavering support for Jon Jones, one of the top contenders in the upcoming fight.

While Brady looked happy to be there, there were some concerns from fans. As per fans, the quarterback looked a little under the weather.


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Fans raise concerns after Brady’s frail appearance at the UFC 285

Fans have voiced concern over Brady’s physical health following his recent appearance at UFC 285. His fragile appearance caught many off guard because it stands in stark contrast to his typically muscular and athletic frame. Many fans tooks to Twitter to speculate about Brady’s potential health problems, while some wondered if he truly is retiring for good.

Furthermore, one fan speculated if Brady was not keeping well.

However, due to Evans being present, fans mentioned their speculations about Brady’s career.

There were also some comments speculating as to why Brady looked so different.

However, some fans had interesting explanations as to why Brady is done for good.

Lastly, one fan showcased their worry for how Brady appeared.


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Overall, NFL fans expressed their concern for the former quarterback. While some fans were worried about his well-being, others were more focused on the potential implications of Mike Evans’ appearance for Brady’s career.

USA Today via Reuters

While it might be possible that Brady is doing perfectly fine, fans seem to think that Brady might be going through something. It seems only time will reveal whether the quarterback is truly struggling or if the fans’ suspicions are completely unfounded.


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