“So Humble”: Terence Crawford Celebrating Thanksgiving With Family in Recent Post Leaves Fans Awestruck

Published 11/24/2023, 12:34 AM EST

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Weeks after the IBF stripped Terence Crawford of their belt subsequently reducing ‘Bud’ to a Unified Welterweight champion, the 36-year-old is taking a break from the sport to celebrate Thanksgiving with his beloved family. Although Crawford was initially upset that the IBF assigned him a mandatory title defense at a time he had to honor the rematch with Errol Spence Jr., ‘Bud’ is finally moving on by spending quality time with his adorable family members who’ve been with him through thick and thin.

Of course, ‘Bud’ needs to be in his element before the rematch with Spence Jr. And what better way to find his peace and joy than a memorable Thanksgiving? On that note, Crawford took to Instagram and showed his fans how he celebrated the holiday with the most precious ones of his life.

The simplicity of Terence Crawford touches fans’ hearts


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Terence Crawford is no ordinary champion in the sport. He is the first male boxer to become Undisputed in two separate divisions. In addition, in his last match against Errol Spence Jr., ‘Bud’ earned a guaranteed figure of $25 from the fight. Yet, you would be surprised to know the manner in which the pugilist from Nebraska celebrated Thanksgiving. Despite his financial success in the sport, Crawford paid zero heed to luxury by opting for simplicity.

As a result, a fan said, “Bro is so humble. So much respect to you homie!

Similarly, one added, “It’s crazy how ‘Bud’ got all this money and [yet] looks like a regular person, amazing.”

On the other hand, one wrote, “Legend in the ring and even more legendary by being the daddy his children deserve.”

Meanwhile, one joked by writing: “Bro got so many kids, Terence stays busy.

Finally, one declared, “This guy carried himself like a true champion.


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In this context, it is also worth mentioning that besides the family photos, Crawford teased his fans with a “fire” turkey.

Crawford cooks a delicious turkey for his fam

In addition to the photos he uploaded, Crawford took to one of his Instagram stories to disclose the turkey he cooked and munched on. Apart from that, he informed the fans that it tasted delicious. “I ain’t gon’ lie to ya’ll, but this turkey was fire. I don’t even eat turkey like that,” Crawford said. Frankly speaking, it was quite hilarious to see him eat and argue that he cooked the best turkey.


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Anyway, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Plus, are you cooking yourself a turkey too? Let us know in the comments below.

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