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Recently, the world of soccer has become rife with controversies surrounding infidelity and divorce. It began with Shakira and Gerard Pique‘s scandal. Following Pique, another Barcelona player, specifically Dani Alves, got into a major controversy. The Brazilian defender split up with her wife, Joana Sanz.

This came after Sanz filed for divorce after learning her husband had been found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman. Alves was initially reluctant to split up but later agreed. While he continues to serve his time in jail, his ex-wife was recently spotted with the former Real Madrid superstar.

Joana Sanz spotted with an ex-Real Madrid star


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Following the divorce, Alves continued to serve his sentence in jail. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Sanz, is adjusting to life without her partner. She seems to have moved on from the dark times and is traveling around the world. The 31-year-old recently flew to Columbia and even met former Real Madrid star, James Rodriguez.

The model even shared a picture on her Instagram story with Rodriguez. Aside from sharing the picture, she also wrote a message for him. “Thank you @jamesrodriguez10 for the welcome in your beautiful country, what a beautiful energy. Good luck with your coffee @cafedosmolinoscol. I will take the suitcase with the rich smell of Colombian coffee.”

The Columbian international has launched his new cafe named, “Dos Molinos.” Hence, she met the player while also congratulating him on his new business. Sanz also said to take a bag full of his country’s famous coffee beans. Indeed, it is quite a crossover that many wouldn’t have expected.

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As for Alves, the player must be remorseful about the situation as he will be serving a 12-year sentence for his wrongdoing.

Dani Alves faces 12 years in prison


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Dani Alves is currently facing potential imprisonment of up to 12 years. His trial is scheduled to take place between October and November of this year. Despite multiple requests for release on remand being denied, Alves remains incarcerated. There are concerns that he may flee the country, particularly to his native Brazil, which does not extradite its citizens. The specific trial dates for Alves have yet to be officially confirmed. If found guilty, he could face a sentence ranging from six to 12 years.

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He was detained in January upon returning to Spain from Mexico, while playing for UNAM Pumas, following the passing of Sanz’s mother. Before his arrest, he claimed in a TV interview that he had never met his accuser. However, he later changed his statement after being detained, asserting that there was no assault and that there had been consensual involvement. Alves maintains his innocence while admitting to infidelity but denies any sexual assault.


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What are your thoughts on Dani Alves’ imprisonment? Also, let us know about Joana Sanz meeting with James Rodriguez.