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Abhishek Mishra is a senior Soccer Writer at EssentiallySports. His early exposure to playing soccer earned him many accolades at college divisions, making him a sports enthusiast. While closely following daily updates for over a decade, Abhishek is well-versed in European soccer and now the MLS, as well. His in-depth knowledge has led him to cover 1600+ articles on Wrexham AFC's exquisite revival, Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami dream, and Cristiano Ronaldo breaking the stereotype at Al Nassr, which have received great acclaim. He has also been a primary contributor to ‘Anfield Home’ in the early days. Abhishek's love for sports extends beyond soccer. He enjoys staying active in various disciplines, such as basketball and tennis. Interestingly, as a Blaugrana fanboy, he is a fan of Rafael Nadal!

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