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Ryan Reynolds is a name that doesn’t need an introduction. While he remains a household figure in the Hollywood world, he is equally recognized for his passionate involvement with Wrexham. One might imagine that the Deadpool star enjoys the flash and prestige of celebrity life. However, despite immense wealth and fame, a former Red Dragon star has revealed that Reynolds ‘just wants normality’ in his life.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Ben Foster stated how simple Reynolds was as an owner. The former Watford goalkeeper revealed to host Andy Goldstein that he is still in contact with Reynolds, who ‘sends the odd text here and there.’ Even Foster is in the habit of sending congratulatory messages to the Deadpool star if Wrexham performs well. Then, he revealed, “We were talking about him today and you [Andy] were genuinely intrigued as to whether he was just a normal bloke or if it was a bit of a show, but no, he’s not.” Foster claims that Reynolds actually wants to be recognized as an ordinary human being.

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“He’s lovely. I don’t think he actually enjoys all the glitz and glamour and fame and that, he just wants normality,” added the Cycling GK. Notably, Foster was lucky enough to share some cherishable moments with the Canadian-born actor. The former West Bromwich star came back from retirement to help Wrexham end their 15-year exile from the Football League. However, the ex-PL star decided not to continue anymore as he left the Racecourse Ground in the summer of 2023. Interestingly, the veteran goalkeeper’s surprising revelations didn’t stop there, as he revealed the real brainchild of owning Wrexham. 


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Owning Wrexham wasn’t Ryan Reynolds’ idea!

Ben Foster further provided insights by drawing a comparison between Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. He said, “Rob is the brains behind it. Rob is fully in.” Although Foster stressed that this doesn’t imply Reynolds isn’t fully committed to Wrexham, the former England international asserted that McElhenney treats the Welsh club as his baby. Foster went on to say that Reynolds was usually calm and collected. 

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When asked if the acting icons were close friends beyond their involvement with the Welsh club, Foster revealed that the two had never even met before their venture. Their initial interaction occurred during an online call to discuss the possibility of purchasing the Welsh club. From there, history was made as an iconic friendship developed. This revelation perhaps explains Reynolds’ desire for a sense of normality.