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Shakira‘s tax evasion court battle finally concludes, as she agrees to a fine. The Colombian singer has been plagued by controversies in the past year—primarily her split with long-time boyfriend Gerard Pique. As the court sessions finally end, her legal representatives are fuming at how much trouble the former Barcelona man has caused Shakira. And not just because of their split, it involves much more engaging matters.

With how things are panning out, however, it’s being stated that the ex-couple is focusing on burying the hatchet. The once-star couple want to resolve issues personally this time, and there’s one sole reason for this change in their behavior.

Shakira’s love falls heavy on her pockets


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The Colombian singer was found guilty of not paying her personal and wealth tax which accumulates to a staggering $15.9 million. The prosecutor argued that Shakira, who made an extended stay in Spain, needed to be held accountable for it. The Colombian then made an out-of-court settlement with Spain’s treasury department.

The singer also skipped jail time after paying additional fines for it. Her lawyers held Gerard Pique responsible for her problems. As per Canal 66, one of her lawyers said, “Falling in love with Gerard has cost her 120 million euros to “reside” in Catalonia. Living in Madrid is not the same as living in Barcelona.”

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Shakira settled the case as she paid around $8 million, 50 per cent of what the implications amounted to. The Colombian singer took an unexpected U-turn as she favored giving time to herself and her family rather than being embroiled in another court battle. In her statement, she said, “(I want to) get over the stress and emotional toll of the last few years and focus on the things I love: my children and all the opportunities ahead in my career.”

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Meanwhile, it seems like, Shakira and Gerard Pique are finally getting back on speaking terms after their ugly separation. Sources close to Pique’s family state that things are looking positive.

Shakira and Gerard Pique seek to mend fences

Shakira and Gerard Pique are actively engaging in discussions to reduce the fallout of their highly publicized breakup. The primary focus of their talks is to address the instability that has been affecting their children since the separation. The ex-couple recognizes the negative impact their situation has on their kids, prompting them to seek a quick resolution.


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After over a year, sources close to Pique’s family expressed optimism about an improvement in relations. The communication between Shakira and Pique has evolved, moving away from relying on lawyers. Their concerted effort is directed at reaching agreements that provide more peace of mind, particularly concerning the children’s arrangements. The key motivator for the former couple is the pressing need to address the challenges their children face.

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