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About The Author

"In every match, there's a story waiting to be told, and I'm here to share it." I'm Neil, deeply immersed in the world of soccer, and a soccer writer for EssentiallySports. As a lifelong Chelsea supporter, I live and breathe the club's triumphs, tribulations, and everything in between. There's not much I enjoy more than analyzing the narratives surrounding my beloved Blues. Beyond Stamford Bridge, I'm fascinated by the wider world of soccer and the different cogs of the game both on and off the pitch. I firmly believe every match has many untold stories, something that transcends the terminology of the game. The idea is to bring people into soccer’s inner sanctum, conveying the raw emotions and drama that unfold on the pitch, translating the game's intricacies into stories that resonate with diehard fans and newcomers alike. If I'm lucky, someday I'll get to live out my dream of telling those stories right from the Stamford Bridge touchline. For now, I'll keep honing my craft, celebrating the beautiful game, and connecting with fellow soccer fanatics. When not immersed in soccer coverage, you can find me indulging my love of cinema or planning my next big travel adventure.