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The G.O.A.T. debate between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is interminable. Even after many years, the quest for a definitive answer remains elusive. While the majority of fans around the world appreciate both maestros, here we have IShowSpeed, who seems to be on a mission to end the debate in CR7’s favor. Once again, the Portuguese superstar’s ‘biggest fan’ urged the legendary R9 to ‘support his son!‘, while dissing the Argentine icon. 

IShowSpeed leaves no stone unturned while pursuing everyone to join his CR7 fandom group. The YouTuber recently paid a visit to R9’s house, where he was wooing Ronaldo Nazario to admit that Ronaldo was better than Lionel Messi. When the soccer icon asked him to justify his reasoning, Speed replied, Because he is short and he’s bad and trash, man, [Cristiano] Ronaldo’s better.” R9 chuckled hard, while Speed continued,C’mon, you know Crista Ronaldo is better, bro.”

The cameraman who accompanied the live streamer interjected that even R9 is Ronaldo. To which the Speed hilariously added, Yeah, dad of Ronaldo, that’s your son. You gotta support your son, Crista Ronaldo.” While not being able to control his laugh, R9 succinctly answered, I love them both.” This answer didn’t convince IShowSpeed, as he responded by hilariously imitating Ronaldo in his deep voice, Yo, Yo, he gives so ‘I love them both.’ Alright, bro, you know.” 


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The conversation ended with Speed showcasing R9’s Ballon d’Or to his audience and asking for a picture with the prestigious trophy. However, while keeping it back, he accidentally collided the Golden Ball with one of the shelf’s counters, which eventually led Ronaldo to say, “Let’s go outside.” Nevertheless, once again, this was another side-splitting conversation of IShowSpeed, where he diligently rallied for the Al Nassr icon. Sadly, these antics of his have gotten him banned by Lionel Messi!


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That moment when IShowSpeed realized that Lionel Messi had likely blocked him

A few months prior, during a live stream, IShowSpeed revealed to his viewers that he had difficulty following or messaging Lionel Messi on his official Instagram account. The YouTuber went one step further and disclosed how simple it was for him to follow and direct message the icon if he logged into his other account.

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Instead of responding with annoyance or rage, he happily expressed his excitement over the possibility that Lionel Messi knows him, even going so far as claiming that the legend had blocked him. Fans tried to explain that big accounts have crews dedicated to social media management, who take care of the engagement, but Speed was as happy as ever, brushing off any logic like that.

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