Manchester City won their fourth consecutive English Premier League title to raise the bar. Players like Erling Haaland, Phil Foden, and Kevin De Bruyne became instrumental in this run. Yet, Rodri! Where would the Citizens be without Rodri? He is quite possibly the best player in the world with his dynamic performances. Despite his stunning on-field performances, the soccer fraternity is curious to understand his personal life.

Like most people, Rodri has his partner-in-crime with whom he shares a wonderful relationship. Meet Laura, Rodri’s girlfriend. The couple shares an adorable affinity. So, let’s dive deeper into their relationship.

Rodri’s girlfriend is a future surgeon: Know more about Manchester City star’s partner


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Often witnessed during Manchester City title celebrations, Rodri’s girlfriend Laura often keeps her life in private. She prefers to stay out of the limelight and keeps her whereabouts private. She is somewhere around her mid-20s and is presently a medical student. Training to become a surgeon, Laura hopes to emulate similar success to Rodri’s incredible performances with Manchester City.


With her expertise in medicine, Rodri once shared a hilarious story where he accidentally cut his finger. Despite being on her way to becoming a surgeon, Laura was a little queasy after witnessing the injury scare. Moreover, the couple supports each other and shares lofty ambitions and goals. So when did they start dating?

Together since college: An insight into their relationship timeline

Notably, the couple met during their university days. Yes. Apart from his glittering soccer career, Rodri has a Management and Business Administration degree. With Rodri playing for Villareal, he discussed how he met his girlfriend. In the same interview with Manchester City media, he revealed their love story.

Rodri mentioned, “It was funny because I met her [girlfriend, Laura] in the student residence and she was starting medicine. She was like, ‘What is this guy doing here?’ I met her when I was in the U21 side of Villarreal. It was kind of like this when I started moving forward in pro football.”


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Their romance kindled and fans often witness Laura posting her epic goal celebrations. When he scored a goal against Arsenal once, Laura posted her celebrations which Rodri recollects while heading for crucial games. They are on their way to becoming a power couple.

Does Rodri and Laura share kids: The answer to their parenthood


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Because the couple keeps their relationship private, there’s limited information regarding their dating lives. However, there are no reports of the couple having kids. They aim to strive and excel in their careers and slowly move forward in their relationship.

They are serious couple goals for people in a connection. We often see Laura at title celebrations and they share a precious relationship.