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Shakira is lauded for her musical prowess. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that every coin has two sides, and even the beloved celebrities can have their moments of controversy. In an unexpected turn of events, the former partner of Gerard Pique found herself in the spotlight not for her music, but rather due to accusations of mistreatment of a former dancer in her team. 

This comes amidst the Waka Waka singer attracted huge criticism again with her latest music track, in which she threw shade at her ex-father-in-law.

The dark side of Shakira!


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Jenny García, the former head of the Venga la Alegría dance troupe, shared her uncomfortable experiences while serving as Shakira’s dancer while on tour in Mexico. During a recent episode of the program “Se te estar di y di,” the dancer admitted that the Colombian singer did not treat her or the other dancers kindly.

As stated by Yucatan Diary, Garcia said she has worked with a lot of renowned artists like El Buky, and Lupita D’alessio, who have said “Welcome guys” or “Guys, whatever you need.” However, Shakira wasn’t as kind to Garcia. “She didn’t go to tell us thank you, she turned her face to us, she scolded us a lot, she took us off the stage, there were many things,” said the experienced dancer.


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Garcia continued, “She took me out of my dressing room, I was topless in the Palacio de los Deportes, she went into my bathroom, because the lady’s bathroom was broken, security took us out, she went in because her bathroom was broken, she left and not even a thank you, not even an excuse me girls.” 

She added, “Besides, I told security if they want us not to talk to them, we don’t do it, but my friend was in a thong and I was in underskirts like this”. Indeed, Garcia’s claim about Shakira’s behavior raises eyebrows. This situation isn’t going to favor the singer, especially considering that she has recently released a track that criticizes Pique’s father.


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Shakira’s new song disses the father of Gerard Pique 

In Shakira’s latest track, ‘El Jefe,’ she collaborates with the American regional Mexican band Fuerza Regida. The singer appears to direct her lyrical barbs towards Pique’s father. The lyrics read, “They say that there is no evil that lasts more than a hundred years. But there is still my ex-father-in-law who does not set foot in a grave...”

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These sharp words hint at Shakira’s lingering resentment towards Joan Piqué, possibly stemming from an eviction notice she received from him a few months back. Additionally, these lines in the song have garnered the attention of legal representatives representing Piqué’s father, sparking the potential for a lawsuit. It remains to be seen whether he will choose to pursue legal action, but the possibility is certainly on the table.


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