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Wrexham are pulling off wonders in their League Two run. The Red Dragons currently stand 5th in the table. Phil Parkinson’s men are now eyeing their 3rd straight win in their latest tie against their Boss’ former side. Phil Parkinson will be excited for the reunion but his focus will be solely on gaining a win against their league rival. The Red Dragon boss fires warnings for the bantams ahead of their tie.

Phil Parkinson’s team has won their last three fixtures. In their last fixture, the team defeated David Beckham’s Salford City. After the win, Alan Pardew took shots at Phil Parkinson’s acting skills as he recommends him to stick to soccer.

It’s all about business for the Wrexham boss


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Wrexham is ready for the upcoming battle as Phil Parkinson leaves behind emotions as he faces Bradford City FC, his former club. Parkinson managed Bradford City for five years between 2011-2016. The emotions will be running high but Parkinson will need to keep his calm and focus on the match. Phil Parkinson in his pre-match conference fired shots at his former club.

The Wrexham manager minced no words as he said, “I’m really looking forward to seeing some people I haven’t seen for a long time. But we’ll do everything we can to get the points.” It will be an emotional affair at the Valley Parade but it’s all business on the field when it comes to the tie for Parkinson.

Wrexham has been on a tremendous run of form. The Red Dragons have not lost a match in their last 5 fixtures. The Welsh club has won 6, drawn 5, and lost 2 in 13 games in League Two. Ryan Reynold’s side looks to be a fitting competitor for all their rivals in the League.

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Phil Parkinson has done exceptional work at Wrexham. The team looks much better and plays with a winning attitude in all their games. However, acting is not a field in which Parkinson’s excels. In a playful banter, Phil Parkinson was asked by Alan Pardew to stick to soccer as he blasted his acting skills.

Former Crystal Palace manager takes a jab at Phil Parkinson


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During a talkSport podcast interview, Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson found himself in the company of former soccer player and Premier League manager, Alan Pardew. In a playful banter, Pardew couldn’t resist teasing Parkinson about his acting skills on podcasts. Pardew recommended Parkinson to stick to the world of soccer.  The listeners were amused by the unexpected exchange between the two.

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However, Parkinson gracefully accepted Pardew’s recommendation. Parkinson admitted his limited acting prowess with a touch of humor. He further cheekily mentioned a brief foray into Hollywood while also implying that it wasn’t quite his forte. The conversation eventually shifted to the influential Hollywood duo, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and their significant impact on Wrexham.


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Parkinson highlighted Rob and Ryan’s considerable contributions as he emphasized not only their financial investments but also their unwavering passion and visionary approach to both the team and the town. Parkinson concluded by stating that their involvement has undoubtedly left a lasting mark on Wrexham and its future in soccer.

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