“What in the NFL is This?” – Thousands of Fans Slam Massive New Change in Soccer Set to Start Next With month

Published 01/19/2023, 11:45 AM EST

Over the years, soccer has become one of the greatest sports of all time. Fans follow this sport in large numbers, and it is growing at a fast pace. The growth of soccer has even increased in terms of technology.

The increase in technological advancements has helped Apex sports organizations around the world a lot. The addition of goal-line technology and a Video Assistant Referee has improved the experience of watching the game.


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However, many soccer fans are not happy with the addition and promotion of such technologies. Many believe that using such innovations has done nothing but deteriorate the game. Yet, today, it is still being used in major leagues around the world and has helped officials a lot.

What is the new rule in soccer?

VAR or video assistant referee was first introduced in 2016 in soccer. Since then, there have been many controversies regarding its usage and implementation.

This technology may be vital for making tough decisions and re-evaluating referee calls. However, it lacked one thing that made the soccer world quite angry, with questions arising as to how a decision had been made.

In the past, there have been many arguments about the decisions, most recently, when the referee took a controversial offside call during the Manchester derby. Hence, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), has taken a call to make several additions to the rule.

Referees will be communicating their decisions after a VAR review to the crowd. This would first begin as a trial at next month’s Club World Cup. Moreover, if the trial is successful, it could be introduced to other FIFA competitions, most significantly in the women’s World Cup.

“We think it’s important in terms of transparency, predominantly to the crowd in the stadium, who at the moment don’t get enough information as to what’s happening with a decision.” said the chief executive at IFAB, Mark Bullingham.


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Furthermore, the audience watching from their home will also be able to hear conversations that take place before giving a call. However, a decision has not been made yet, as to in which language the decision will be made.

Fans react to the new VAR rule

The IFAB’s trial was something that all the soccer fans were expecting. However, netizens around the world are reacting to the decision on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some fans are comparing this new rule with the American football.


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It’s fair to say that ever since the introduction of VAR, soccer fans have gone frenzy with many referring decisions. But since it takes quite some time to get familiar with the new rules, we reckon this trial might give soccer fans a new experience. Moreover, it would also help to maintain transparency between the audience and the referees.

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