What Is Clara Chia Marti’s Net Worth? Here’s Gerard Pique’s GF’s Wealth Compared to Ex Shakira

Published 08/29/2023, 8:15 AM EDT

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Over the years, Gerard Pique has built an impressive financial empire thanks to his exemplary soccer career and entrepreneurial aptitude. As for his ex-girlfriend, Shakira, the Colombian star has cemented her status in the pop world, raking in millions while doing so. But coming to Pique’s current partner, Clara Chia Marti, how is she doing on the financial front?

Both Pique’s former and current girlfriend have been in the public limelight for obvious reasons. Interestingly, it also led the soccerverse to compare Pique’s former and current partner, begging the question: What exactly is the net worth of Clara Chia Marti?

What is the net worth of Clara Chia Marti?


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Clara Chia Marti. The name came into the limelight shortly after Pique split up with Shakira. Allegedly both Piqué and Clara initiated their relationship in 2021, a year prior to the defender’s separation from the singer, and the rest is history, or so the former couple would like to believe.

Clara Chia Marti has an estimated net worth of around $500,000. She has several sources of income. Clara works for Pique’s movies and TV production company, serving drinks. Aside from this, she is also studying Public Relations at university. While all of this may not particularly help her garner a lot of money, she is earning extra cash in a rather peculiar way.


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Apparently, Pique-Shakira’s split-up has given Clara Chia a major financial boost. To a certain extent, the 29-year-old has capitalized on the media’s attention surrounding her association with Piqué. Particularly considering that she was the individual with whom the ex-soccer player purportedly had an affair while he was still in a relationship with the Colombian star.

Notably, she barely has to spend on anything, including her education as Pique bears all her expenses. Additionally, she is the only heir of a wealthy Catalan family. Be that as it may, it is quite an interesting net worth of Clara Chia. While it is certainly not more than Pique’s former girlfriend, what is Shakira’s net worth in comparison to Clara Chia’s?

Comparing Shakira’s net worth with the current significant half of Gerard Pique


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Be it the fame or financial front, Shakira definitely has an edge over Clara Chia. The Colombian singer has made millions thanks to a remarkable singing career. Shakira’s net worth is $300 million, which is 600 times more than Clara Chia. Certainly, the numbers are pretty much self-explanatory. Shakira not only has a better net worth than Clara Chia but also Pique, who has a net worth of around $80 million.

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While Clara Chia may not reach the financial stature of Shakira, she does enjoy certain benefits. She hails from a reputable and affluent family, with a younger sibling and her father pursuing a profession as a civil lawyer. Her family resides in one of the most affluent districts of Barcelona, Spain. Surely, with time, Clara Chia’s net worth may rise as she looks to grow her business with Pique.


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