“I Was There With Serena [Williams]…” – USWNT Superstar Alex Morgan Claims ‘People Mostly Watch’ NFL Super Bowl for the Commercials

Published 03/19/2023, 11:15 AM EDT

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From scoring wonders for the USWNT to fighting for equal pay, Alex Morgan has done it all. It seems she is versatile in every forte, as she has achieved brilliance in everything. In fact, Morgan recently showed she is quite good at acting too.

The USWNT superstar was recently featured in an NFL Super Bowl commercial. And we must say she has done a good job in it. Last year, the player emerged in the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl ad, which took place at a bowling alley.


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This year again, she was featured in the commercial with some of the biggest stars, including Serena Williams and Brian Cox. And once again, she has done a good job.

Alex Morgan makes a huge claim about NFL

Now, of course, the NFL is one of the greatest leagues in the world. It has a viewership of millions, and the fans, especially in America, are crazy about this sport. There’s no need to prove how much wider a fan base this sport has. However, with Morgan’s recent remarks, one may raise eyebrows about its spectatorship. Recently, in an episode of CBS Sports soccer‘s “Attacking Third,” she made huge claims about the viewership of the NFL.

During the interview, she was asked about her experience getting into a Super Bowl ad. Morgan said it was quite unexpected by subtly saying, “I know same thing like playing in a Super Bowl in the commercial. Like, people mostly watch for the commercials right.”

The player somehow suggested that people usually watch the NFL just for commercials, which is quite an eyebrow-raising statement. Nonetheless, the 33-year-old continued by talking about her filming experience.

“It was real. It was super cool. I was there with Serena [Williams] and Brian Cox and here we are acting and I’m totally outside my comfort zone. And Brian Cox did not break character once and so I had to like reel it in and be like okay. Like, bring in the best acting self I could possibly do without laughing every scene. But it was really good fun,” she said.

Filming with famous superstars

After getting featured in the commercial last year, in this year too, she will be seen on the television screens. In fact, she’ll appear in two ads for Michelob Ultra this year, both of which take place on a golf course.

In the first ad, she is accompanied by tennis legend Serena Williams, actor Brian Cox, and former NFL star Tony Romo. Moreover, basketball stars Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumike, as well as boxer Canelo Alvarez, are also in the commercial.


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Whereas the second commercial features Morgan and Romo. And both are accompanied by famous golfer Rickie Fowler. Besides advertising Michelob Ultra, they are also promoting Netflix’s upcoming golf docuseries, ‘Full Swing’.


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Alex Morgan appears in a few segments of the commercial. She said how delightful it was for her to be a part of the episode. The opulent advertising features several prominent stars, and indeed, it was a treat for all the sports fanatics.

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