Tokyo Paralympics 2020: Equestrian Events Schedule

Published 08/26/2021, 12:14 PM EDT
ROME, ITALY – MAY 27: Show jumping champion rider of the United States Equestrian Team and daughter of musicians Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, Jessica Springsteen leaves her horse at the end of a training session of the CSIO Rome Piazza Di Siena International Equestrian Competition at Piazza Di Siena on May 27, 2021 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Franco Origlia/GC Images )

After the Tokyo Olympics concluded, the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics have started with much fanfare. The para-dressage events started back in 1996, they will be held in Japan’s equestrian park. Great Britain continues to perform well in the event. Moreover, they are the current champions in the equestrian competitions. Similar to the equestrian events in Tokyo, there are both team and individual events on display in Japan. The riders will compete to bring glory to their nation.


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Rules of Paralympics Equestrian events

Both the team and individual events are added together as the judges will take the best three scores at the end. Moreover, an individual championship test and freestyle test would be taken into consideration for the Individual medals.

The grading of the tests is determined by the movement of the riders who perform with their horses. Riders can use assistance with the help of dressage whips, connecting rein bars, and looped reins. Likewise, visually impaired riders use ‘callers’ to assist their movement during the competitions. This is only available for the Paralympics.

Significantly, different grades are classified for different riders according to their impairment.


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Schedule of the events for Tokyo Paralympics 2020

This is the schedule for the equestrian events for the Paralympics.

Wednesday 25 August

Dressage First Horse Inspection

Thursday 26 August- 12.30 PM

Dressage Individual Test–Grade II (gold-medal event)

Dressage Individual Test–Grade IV–(gold-medal event)

Dressage Individual Test–Grade V–(gold-medal event)

Friday 27 August- 12.30 PM

Dressage Individual Test–Grade I–(gold-medal event)

Dressage Individual Test–Grade III–(gold-medal event)

Saturday 28 August- 1:30 PM

Dressage Team Test to Music–Grade II

Dressage Team Test to Music–Grade I

Dressage Team Test to Music–Grade III

Sunday 29 August- 2:30 PM

Dressage Team Test to Music–Grade V

Dressage Team Test to Music–Grade IV(gold-medal event)

Monday 30 August- 


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Dressage Second Horse Inspection

Dressage Individual Freestyle Test–Grade IV (gold-medal event)

Dressage Individual Freestyle Test–Grade V (gold-medal event)


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Dressage Individual Freestyle Test–Grade III (gold-medal event)

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