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3 Records That Cristiano Ronaldo Can Break At The World Cup

3 Records That Cristiano Ronaldo Can Break At The World Cup

We are a week into the 2018 FIFA World Cup and there has only been one man who has been making the headlines all over the media. And it is none other than the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 33-year-old came to the World Cup on the back of an extremely successful season with Real Madrid, winning the Champions League for the third time in a row. In the first World Cup Game against Spain, his spellbinding hat-trick ensured that the Iberian Derby would end in a draw. Against Morocco, his thumping header handed the Seleccao an important win which has all but ensured their progress in the next round.

Ronaldo’s form has already seen him break a few records but here is a list of records that he could break if he continues this stunning run :

1. Most Goals Scored By A Portuguese In World Cup History

                                        Ronaldo scored a brilliant header. 

With 4 goals in 2 games, the former Manchester United man is now just 2 goals shy of a certain Eusebio in terms of most goals scored by a Portuguese in World Cup history. The legendary Benfica forward scored 9 goals in the 1966 World Cup, which is also the only World Cup he ever played in.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in his 4th World Cup and has already outplayed the “Black Panther” in terms of longevity. It remains to be seen if he can outscore him as well.

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