Where are the Toronto Raptors headed?

The Toronto Raptors has been one of those teams which is always stuck in limbo for quite a while now. They have an amazing 50 win regular season. They go into the playoffs with high hopes; and suffer the BIG L at the hands of Cleveland Cavaliers every single time. We should give a name to this ‘eastern conference phenomena’, for it will keep happening for the next few years.

Where are the Toronto Raptors headed?
Serge Ibaka signed a 3 year, $65 Million deal with the Raptors as an unrestricted free agent. (Photo: NBAE/Getty Images)

Three time all star Kyle Lowry also re-signed with the Raptors for three years and $100 million. Raptors also have DeMar DeRozan for the next four years, so it’s certain they’ll be top four team in the east but isn’t it about time they move on from the DeRozan and Lowry era. They haven’t seen any major playoffs success in the last few years and legs don’t age like wine.

Like most trade-offs there is a silver lining here. According to league sources, Raptors are looking to move Jonas Valenciunas and draft picks. These are early signs of rebuilding the supporting cast to the DeRozan-Lowry back-court. Valenciunas is a solid double-double player and the Raptors might hold their ground while negotiating with teams. They’re also looking forward to move backup PG Cory Joseph. Toronto Raptors are just getting started with their bench!


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