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Vulligundam Ruthwik

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Vullingundam Ruthwik is a combat sports writer at EssentiallySports who brings a fact-based and eagle-eyed approach to his coverage of UFC and WWE events. He is a graduate of Journalism from a premier university. Ruthwik's passion for sports writing shines through in his coverage of live UFC events, including 283 and 281. With his insightful analysis and dedication to providing accurate reporting, he has earned a reputation as a trusted voice in the world of combat sports. After a stint as a UFC writer, he switched divisions to WWE. His coverage of the crossover phenomenon Brock Lesnar was particularly noteworthy, showcasing his ability to provide unique perspectives on some of the biggest names in sports entertainment. Even in his free time, Ruthwik remains immersed in the world of sports and content creation, always looking for new and innovative ways to engage with fans