Jake Paul Has ‘Interesting’ Reaction to UFC Legend Donald Cerrone’s Callout: “I Am Just Trying to Get Someone in There Who Is…”

Published 01/03/2023, 1:27 AM EST

The Problem Child’s victory over Anderson Silva has silenced his doubters and solidified his place in the world of combat sports. Many previously thought his wins were mere flukes or that the matches were rigged. However, his recent string of victories against seasoned MMA and UFC fighters has proven otherwise. May big names have also spoken in his defense, and recently, a huge UFC personality called out the younger Paul brother. Jake Paul responded to the callout.

Now, retired UFC fighter Donald Cerrone has called out Paul for a match. The latter is no stranger to stepping into the ring with tough opponents, and it seems he is ready for this challenge as well. He has come a long way from his first win over Ali Eson Gib. Moreover, he has already won against Tyron Woodley twice, Ben Askren, and now Anderson Silva.


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As he looks for his next opponent, many names are thrown into the mix, including Nate Diaz. However, Jake Paul has made it clear that he has his sights set on bigger and better things. He has proven himself as a formidable force in the world of combat sports, and it will be exciting to see who he takes on next.

In a recent conversation with a reporter, Paul expressed his frustration with fighting older, retired fighters. He stated he was looking for opponents who are younger and have a fire in them. It seems that Paul may have found his next opponent in Donald Cerrone, who has recently called him out.

Cerrone, also known as ‘Cowboy’, has cited the potential for a big money fight as the reason for his interest in facing Paul. However, Paul was surprised to hear of Cerrone’s call out, as he was unaware of it.

He said, “Interesting. I mean I don’t know. Like, I’m kind of tired of beating these old dudes up like that. You know what I’m saying? So, I’m just trying to get someone in there who is younger.

But they’re are all scared, honestly. They’re just trying to protect thier records, Schmo. I mean you know, you know.” He further added.

Despite Cerrone’s challenge, Paul made it clear that he wants to fight younger opponents. He explained that he has had difficulty finding willing opponents, as many seem to be afraid of facing him and potentially ruining their records. It remains to be seen who Jake Paul will choose as his next opponent, but one thing is certain: he is not afraid to take on any challenge.

Noted Bodybuilder Big Boy vows to fight Jake Paul!

Big Boy has challenged to fight Paul. First, he aspires to knock out Tito Ortiz and then face Paul.


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He said, “I’ll just go ahead and say a big name. You know. Jake Paul. Yeah, why not. You know what I mean, he’s the one making the most noise in the influencer space. So, we could run with Jake Paul next.

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“He’s the one making the most noise in the influencer space. So, we could run with Paul next.”


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It will be interesting to see if this potential matchup becomes a reality. What do you think?

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