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Himakshu Vyas


One take at a time

About me

Himakshu Vyas is a Combat Sports author at Essentiallysports. He is passionate about sports, with soccer and MMA being the sports he is most involved in. Aside from that, he follows the global soccer scene. He is a die-hard Manchester United supporter for over a decade. Himakshu loves to play soccer with his friends a few times a week and indulges in MMA training daily to stay fit. This has helped him gain the perspective of a participant in the sports world. He is a huge fan of the first UFC two-division champion 'The Notorious' Connor McGregor and Jon Jones. He respects and looks up to MMA athletes, as he believes the world of MMA is teeming with disciplinarians and athletes who devote their lives to achieving a god-like physique to compete at the highest level. Apart from sports, he loves to travel and cook. He likes to explore different cuisines on the road and creates his own version of the recipes.