“Better Than the Power Slap Bulls*t” – Fight Fans in Denial as They Witness ‘Brain Damaging’ Sport on Par With Dana White’s New Venture

Published 01/01/2023, 12:45 PM EST

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The MMA fans might have a problem with The Power Slap League, announced by Dana White. Because a recent viral clip showcased two boys having the worst contest imaginable. Usually, for New Year, people gather around and get enjoy themselves until the clock strikes 12. Then they hold their significant other and spread love. But these boys in the video clearly have no idea what ‘love’ stands for. As they are hell-bent on bashing each other’s skulls. However, nobody will deny that they had a lot of fun. The MMA world gets flashbacks of their own family gatherings after they saw the clip.

The MMA world tries to make sense out of a punching contest

Fans of MMA got confused as two boys tested their limits on the occasion of New Year’s. Some fans supported the guy in the green shirt as he used a clever strategy. One fan commented on the Instagram post to criticize their technique. But he’s not too wrong, as it’s pretty much identical to these two gentlemen pounding each other’s faces.


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Fans commented on the Instagram post with the caption “Mom: Plans for New Year’s? Me: Getting Hammered with the boys” and wrote:


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  • I’m pretty sure green shirt used his left hand once
  • My family does basically the same but with words
  • Reminds me of my family gatherings.
  • What in the holy hillbilly mess is this?
  • There are no winners here

However, many users pointed out that this weird contest looked similar to the slap-fighting competition.

  • Better than the power slap bullsh*t
  • not enough jabs
  • green not even looking where he punching
  • no blocks…
  • Bro is so confident he keeps his head down. Respect.
  • Lets play who can get brain damage the fastest!!

They drew comparisons toward Dana White’s Power Slap league, who recently struck a deal with streaming platform Rumble.


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But users joked that they prefer this household contest over the Power Slap League.

Dana White hinted at Conor McGregor’s return


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Fans of MMA might dislike White for his latest outing, but definitely appreciate his tease regarding UFC superstar Conor McGregor’s return. Because UFC fans are eager to see The Irishman return to the Octagon. However, White did not explicitly mention a date, but this subtle hint means a lot to fans of the Dubliner.

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