Dana White Makes Bold Claims on UFC Fighters’ Health Insurance, Performance & Pay: “We Are the First Guys Ever…”

Published 12/27/2022, 7:50 AM EST

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship has turned into a global phenomenon, due to key decisions made by Dana White. The 53-year-old had played an instrumental role since he became president of the organization in 2001. Being a boss of such a major company requires one to make a few tough decisions. Especially around money. And White knows how to make those decisions, to ultimately favor his sprawling business. In a recent interview with Grant Cardone, White got candid about his endeavors. And discussed the various aspects that put UFC on top of the map, including the finances.

But, one can only expect so much candor from someone like the UFC supremo.


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Dana White provides free training and health insurance

Dana White openly shared the motto that he enforces on all team members to take the UFC to the next level. He said, “Our motto around here is, ‘Be First.’”. In doing so, White pushes the limits of what a fighting promotion can offer to both its fighters and viewers alike.


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The Power Slap League promoter elaborated, “We’re the first guys ever to have health insurance… for the Fighters”

We’re the first ones to ever open a performance institute for the athletes.”

“We have a restaurant here where they eat and get food they get all their supplements. Here it’s all free. Training, conditioning, it’s all free. Physical therapy it’s all free.”

White has turned the UFC into a hub for all its fighters, where they can come and improve themselves. The promotion offers world-class training institutes and nutritious food, at no extra cost to the athletes, who want to improve themselves.

But, even the UFC president himself admits there is a certain air of hostility surrounding his methods, around the media circles.

Nobody ever reveals their pay

Employees don’t work for an organization for its perks. They certainly help. But, most of us do it to earn cash. The UFC fighters are no different, as they risk their lives to put on a great show. And, the UFC boss knows that some fighters aren’t happy with their current pay.

One such example would be the UFC Heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou. He openly clarified that he’s unhappy with his current contract, ahead of the Jon Jones clash. But White claims nobody talks about it for a reason.


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Dana White stated, “if the fighters want to tell them what they get paid, they can.”

“But you notice none of the fighters ever do tell them what they get paid,” and smirked.

And further stated it’s a game that everyone’s in on, including the fighters, media, and himself.


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