Dana White Responds to Taking Advice From Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul’s Slap Fighting Championship

Published 11/12/2022, 7:26 AM EST

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UFC president Dana White is currently looking forward to two things. The UFC 281, where Israel Adesanya faces off against Alex Pereira, and the launch of a brand new combat sports competition in ‘The Power Slap league’.

Reporters queried the UFC head if he took any advice from legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and YouTuber Logan Paul. The duo hosted a Slap Fighting Championship earlier in 2022.


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Dana White sounds ready to host ‘The Power Slap League’

UFC President Dana White was talking to reporters who questioned him about the ‘Power Slap League’. When asked if he took advice from internet personality Logan Paul, who hosted the ‘Slap Fighting Championship’. He stated, “I’ve been doing this since 2017…” and added, “started to look into this thing and get into it..”.


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The UFC boss insisted he knew about this competition way before most of the promoters and said, “We’ve definitely talked to a lot of people and uh… listened to some of the pros and cons…”. He concluded his answer, “Yeah, we’ve talked to a lotta people…” when asked about taking inspiration from Slap Fighting Championship.

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Professional boxer Logan Paul hosted The Slap Fighting championship, held on March 5, 2022. It was a part of the Arnold Sports Festival hosted by seven-time Mr.Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Slap Fighting Championship was a pretty big event

Logan Paul streamed the event live on his YouTube channel and tweeted “this is absurd. and happening right now #SlapFightingChampionship

This promotional event probably introduced the slap-fighting competition to mainstream audiences. The niche sport is still facing a lot of turmoil from sports fans, who refuse to accept ‘slapping’ enough to hold tournaments around.


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But the viewership for the Slap Fighting Championship event was pretty impressive. The event hosted by Logan Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger raked in upwards of 2.8 million viewers, just through Paul’s YouTube channel. We can still consider this a significant event in the history of the sport.

But Dana White was shy about mentioning the famous slapping tournament in relation to his latest promotional event.

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