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“Didn’t Your Mentor Just Wear a Jersey of Some Guy Who Banged Mayweather Wife” – Gordon Ryan Leaks Personal Messages From Dillon Danis Also Mentioning Conor McGregor

Published 12/22/2022, 7:00 AM EST

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Dillon Danis is almost ready to face KSI for his professional boxing bout on 14th January 2023. But, before that, Danis has some scores to settle with former ONE Championship fighter Gordon Ryan. Evidently, the pair of hotheads are not fond of each other. But things got a little more heated after they chatted through their Instagram DM. Ryan challenged Danis to a fight at his gym, to which Danis never showed up. But he claimed that he did on a recent podcast episode with notable media personality Ariel Helwani. Danis also insisted that ‘The King’ ran away from his sight when he approached him.

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But ‘The King’ shared his perspective on Instagram and set the record straight.


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Gordon Ryan was ready to fight Dillon Danis

Ryan tried to expose the true nature of the former Bellator fighter after he reportedly fled from a challenge. In an Instagram post, the 27-year-old detailed their conversation that took place in 2019. And also narrated the entire story of what spiraled between them to shed light on the matter. The BJJ Black belter confessed the whole truth and tagged UFC journalist Ariel Helwani to educate him on the truth.

Ryan wrote, “imagine lying about something when you know there are receipts? 😂” and revealed the dirt he had on Danis.


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He texted, “Also, didn’t your mentor just wear a jersey of some guy who banged Mayweather wife.” and commented on Danis’ friend and mentor, Conor McGregor.

Ryan challenged Danis to come to his gym, Renzo Gracie Academy, for a fight.

El Jefe can talk better than he fights

Gordon Ryan recently fought on a UFC Fight Pass event against BJJ Black belter Nick Rodriguez. Ultimately, the fight was very close between the talented martial artists. But in the end, Ryan clinched the victory after he almost lost.

As per Ryan, El Jefe promised to be there but fled from the scene before Gordon Ryan showed up.


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“What actually happened was Dillon came to the gym when he knew I wasn’t there, sent me a pic of the outside of renzos”

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The former ADCC World champion already knew he would run away from the fight. But he did not appreciate Danis spreading lies about their encounter. “Talking is the easy part, winning isn’t. Maybe when the guy you’re talking about has more ADCC medals than you have ADCC wins you should just shut up 😂”

Ryan asked him to stay quiet more often until he could actually back his big talk.


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