Father of 3 Joe Rogan Wants to Hide His 34-Years-Old Past From His Kids: “Thank God They Weren’t Around Me When I Was 21”

Published 12/31/2022, 9:30 AM EST

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Popular podcaster Joe Rogan is a man of strong ideals. The JRE host leads an organized life, to balance his time between work and family. Like every other father in the world, nothing is more important to him than his loving daughters: Rosy Rogan, Lola Rogan, Kayja Rose, and his wife Jessica Ditzel. In a recent episode of his hit podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the BJJ-Black belter deals with the subject of how he raised his daughters. And the type of role model he’s been for them throughout their years growing up. The 55-year-old also explained how sports can play a huge role in the development of a young child.

Joe Rogan talks about his role as a father

The UFC analyst is on his best behavior since he became a father. But also detailed the positive influence that sports have on young minds. Because, like everyone, Rogan only thought about his safety and comfort.


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That was all he thought of until he married Jessica Ditzel in 2009 and became a father to Rosy and Lola Rogan. This came as a turning point in Rogan’s life, as he changed and became more responsible for his family.

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The former Fear Factor host said, “Well, fortunately, my kids have been around me when I’ve been, you know, during the time that they’re alive. I’ve been at my most disciplined and most best.”

He also added, “You know, thank god they weren’t around me when I was 21.”

We can imagine how the UFC commentator must’ve been as a 21-year-old. As he’s a fun-loving person, who doesn’t say no to parties. But fatherhood made Rogan realize that he needs to be there for his daughters. He also shared that his daughters were into sports and how it shaped them.

The JRE podcast host thinks sports are crucial

Former professional MMA fighter, Joe Rogan could never understand the hype behind NASCAR. But, believes that sports are crucial to develop young minds.


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Rogan said, “They’re involved in sports, which I think are very important to kids.”

And added, “there’s something about winning and losing and effort and reward for that effort. That’s a vital part of being a human being.”

He concluded that sports are essential to “develop your human potential.”


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Do you agree with Rogan’s view of sports?


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