‘Gentleman’ Fighter ‘Bashing’ Opponent After Class Act in a Fight Sets off Jorge Masvidal and Fans

Published 01/22/2023, 7:11 AM EST

Jorge Masvidal is no stranger to weird MMA rules. The UFC welterweight contender fought as a streetfighter at the beginning of his career. Eventually, MMA legend, Kimbo Slice took him under his wing. And groomed his skills to become a professional MMA fighter. Throughout his successful MMA career, Masvidal never came across something as ridiculous as a video he recently encountered. As one MMA fighter unintentionally struck comedy gold inside the Octagon. Fans of the sport quickly noticed the act of sportsmanship in the video. However, some felt that the fighter tried to disrespect his opponent with that move. But, ultimately felt the entire clip was hilarious, considering it went down in front of the whole audience.

Jorge Masvidal shares the clip of a generous MMA fighter

‘Gamebred’ shared the clip of an unnamed fighter assisting his opponent with his mouthpiece during a professional MMA fight. Fans saw this clip and thought it was a moment of mutual respect between fighters. Many UFC fans heralded the fighter for expressing concern toward his rival. But others saw the dark side to it.


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Fans wrote in comments:

  • Sportsmanship he didn’t have to do it
  • Total respect, that action was 100% sportsman-like
  • Fair play
  • legend
  • What a gentleman

Another group of people felt that he was being disrespectful to the fighter on the ground. Because the referee couldn’t intervene amidst an ongoing match to adjust his mouthpiece, according to official MMA rules. But the fighter insisted on being done with it as quickly as possible.

The fighter already had the victory in his bag

Jorge Masvidal was also confused by the actions of the fighter. As he couldn’t decide whether he was being courteous to his opponent. Or rubbing his face in defeat. So, Masvidal had to do a double-take to confirm his suspicions. He wrote, “Did he really put his mouth piece in for him before bashing him in?”

And fans wrote :


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  • That mouth guard move was disrespectful imo
  • Lmao he be like, “here, we’re not stopping this fight”
  • That is hilarious
  • and a new NMF belt challenger emerges

Therefore, this clip has divided Gamebred and his fans apart into two camps. And neither of them can decide on the correct answer.

Have you seen this clip before? Do you think the fighter was being disrespectful or sportsmanlike?


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Are there any similar instances in MMA?



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