“Give Me a Year to Train”: 58-Year-Old Mark Coleman Makes a Request to Dana White for Power Slap League; Says “I’ll Be a Slapper”

Published 01/10/2023, 9:31 AM EST

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Dana White, the big kahuna of the UFC, is about to unleash his latest creation upon the world: the Power Slap League. And there’s been no shortage of drama surrounding this new promotion. Critics have been coming out of the woodwork, slamming the league and calling it a variety of unflattering names. But there are still a few brave souls who have stepped up to support White in this bold new venture.

Enter Mark Coleman, a man who needs no introduction to fans of the UFC. He’s a tournament champion and a former heavyweight champ, and now he’s also a Power Slap League advocate. Coleman is the UFC 10, and UFC 11 tournament champion, and the first UFC Heavyweight Champion.


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Just last March, none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger and internet sensation Logan Paul joined forces. They did so to launch the Slap Fighting Championship as part of Arnold’s Sports Festival.

Mark Coleman urges Dana White to sign-up in Power Slap League: ‘I’m the Catcher, Let’s Go!’

As we’ve previously reported, Dana White’s Slap Fighting League is causing quite a stir in the MMA community. With its questionable origins stemming from White’s own altercation with his wife on New Year’s Eve, many are speaking out against the league. But, among the naysayers, one voice stands out with a message of hope: Mark Coleman.

The former UFC heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer recently took to social media: “Let’s go, I’m the Catcher. I will be a slapper when prepared. Give me a year to train.”


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The role of the Catcher is to be standing at the ready behind slap competitors, waiting to pounce and catch athletes who may be rocked by a particularly hard slap.

Forrest Griffin: From Knockout King to Power Slap Catcher in Dana White’s Wild New League!

Forrest Griffin is no stranger to dishing out knockouts in the ring, but his latest gig has him on the receiving end of them. The UFC Hall of Famer and VP of Athlete Development has been named the official “Catcher” for Dana White’s controversial new league, the Power Slap.

He said, “I’m gonna be a head catcher.


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That double impact, you’ve taken the first trauma and when your head hits the ground, bang bang, both sides of your brain actually bounce against your skull. We want to prevent that and make it just the initial impact and have that be what causes you or not causes you to win or lose the competition

Griffin is no stranger to the dangers of combat sports and is dedicating his post-fight career to the health, safety, and development of UFC athletes. It’s clear that Griffin is taking his new role as Catcher seriously, and with his experience and dedication, we have no doubt that he’s the right man for the job.


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Are you excited to see how the Power Slap League will do?

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