“I Thought He Was a Total As****e” – Only After Appearing on Joe Rogan’s Platform, Mark Zuckerberg Made It to His Good Books, Reveals Gordon Ryan

Published 05/15/2024, 9:35 AM EDT

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Mark Zuckerberg, the business tycoon and face of Facebook, who is liked and disliked by many, appeared in a Joe Rogan podcast previously which recently got attention from Gordon Ryan. He is always in the limelight, whether it is his new ventures, the Elon Musk feud, or the BJJ win in 2023 that got the attention of many athletes like Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya. Recently, he again garnered attention for his appearance in Joe Rogan’s podcast that came in August 2022, and it seems like he changed a veteran fighter’s impression about himself drastically. 

Zuckerberg appeared in the ‘Joe Rogan Experience #1863′ where he had a 3-hour-long chat with the UFC color commentator. This seems to have changed the mind of BJJ great Gordon Ryan as he uploaded a story on Instagram about his viewpoints.

Gordon Ryan switched his mind about Mark Zuckerberg


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For people who do not know, Mark Zuckerberg and Ryan have known each other for a long time! They have had interactions before and, at one point, Zuckerberg even reached out to the ADCC champion to help him train for the fight with Elon Musk. Moreover, Ryan sided with the Meta owner when it came to the question of who would win the fight. However, just before declaring this, he had previously mocked the Meta CEO as well by asking him to show what he has got and sided with Elon Musk. However, recently he declared, “I watched him [Mark Zuckerberg] on Rogan and he came off as a lot more likable, but I was still on the fence..”

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The 5-time ADCC champion expressed his views on Zuckerberg on his Instagram story. He explained that things on social media are not completely authentic. “Things are not always what they seem,” is what Ryan said. He added the example of how Jason Mamoa appeared anti-Donald Trump publicly, but after Ryan met the actor, he realized other things deeper into the context. 


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“Funny enough, my first ever message to Zuck was that I thought he was a total as****e,” Ryan claimed. However, after seeing the podcast, his mind changed about the CEO of Meta. He declared that things are not what they seem and on closer inspection, a person who came off as rude might be the kindest in real life.


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Even though Ryan’s impression of Zuckerberg was not in a positive light previously, he still complimented the 40-year-old’s jiujitsu skills.

Ryan defends Mark Zuckerberg’s achievements against critics

The BJJ great never holds back from expressing his thoughts on social media. He seemed to be impressed by Zuckerberg’s win in the 2023 BJJ tournament and shared a story regarding the same. Ryan wrote: “Mark Zuck trains jiu-jitsu and competes. I never want to hear ‘I don’t have time’ again, you lazy f***s.” 


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He criticized those people who do not train and found excuses to not exercise while giving the example of Zuckerberg and showing that if a busy CEO can do it, anyone can. Ryan encouraged people to start their training by citing the example of the tycoon. Not only did Gordon Ryan compliment the Facebook founder, but veterans like Alexander Volkanovski and even Dana White congratulated him for winning medals in the BJJ competition.

So it seems like Ryan appreciated the hard work of Zuckerberg even if it took time for the businessman to get into the fighter’s good books. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments. 


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