“I Was on the Verge of a Stroke or a Heart Attack” – 53-Year-Old Dana White Reveals His Health Condition Publicly While Requesting Everyone to Take Up Gary Brecka’s 10x Program

Published 12/12/2022, 6:45 AM EST

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UFC President Dana White has a major influence on the sport of MMA. But a few years ago, he was on the verge of succumbing to an early death. Reason? The unhealthy habits and lifestyle he had maintained up until then. But, he miraculously recovered when he got tested by Human Biologist Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems in June. Hence, he seems happy with his current health and has been talking about Brecka’s methods.

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Now, Brecka revealed the latest blood report of the UFC boss, which showed a drastic improvement. White took control of his lifestyle and altered his fate in just 5 months. He went from being in danger to being the danger!


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Dana White recovered from the worst phase of his life

Dana White brought evidence to back up his inspirational journey to conquer a life-threatening obesity problem. Just 5 months after he approached Gary Brecka, his life improved.

The UFC president admitted, “I was on the verge of a stroke or a heart attack or something bad”


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In June, Brecka warned him to change his lifestyle as he had only 10.4 years left to live.


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The Nevadan took it upon himself to turn his life around with the help of 10X Health Systems.

Dana White said, “there were a lot of different problems with me that were going on that I’ve been talking to doctors for 10 years. None of them could fix any of my problems.”

“… It was painful to tie my own shoes…”

“Sleep apnea, can’t sleep, you’re snoring, you’re choking, whatever…”

Not only did he manage to recover from his obesity problem, but he also found a cure for his sleep apnea and other health issues.

Gary Brecka helped White change his lifestyle

Brecka stated that a healthy person should maintain their Triglyceride count under 150. But, it was 764 in the case of the 53-year-old. This was an insane number.


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Brecka let White know that it’s a sign of immediate danger. Since then, White has worked along with biologists and nutritionists to get it down to 143. The most impressive thing is he did it in just 5 months.

“In five months, this guy completely changed my life…”

Dana White credited Gary Brecka and the 10X program for restarting his life.


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Would you take up the 10X program to restart your life?



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