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“Jason Statham Sh*t”: MMA Fans Thrilled as ‘Triple OG’ Knocking Out Two Men With One Punch in a Roadside Altercation

Published 06/08/2023, 1:16 PM EDT

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There are times when altercations, brawls, and clashes in public places reach a tipping point and the MMA fans witness some astonishing moments that defy logic. The situation in public places can escalate in mere seconds, and any argument can generate an ugly fight. Acting without thinking and losing one’s temper is a recipe for disaster, especially so when the opponent might turn out to be a trained professional. Such was the case when a video made rounds in the MMA community, where a man produced an unbelievable result of knocking out two men with a single punch.

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In the viral clip, MMA fans could witness two hot-headed men stopping their car and effectively cutting the path of another car behind them. Later on, these two men approached the man in the following car and engaged in a long, animated exchange. However, the two men were not cool-headed and faced consequences.

The man takes out both the aggressors with a single blow


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In the video that amassed sizeable viewership, the man wearing a red-striped sweater and red pants dealt a heavy right blow to the aggressors. The blow did substantial damage and both of them found themselves on the ground, reeling from the effect.

Following this, the man, touted as Waldo, due to his uncanny dressing resemblance to the character, handled both of his assailants with relative ease. The man handed them a lesson and continued to beat sense into them until separated by his wife.


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How did the MMA fans react to the roadside brawl?

A fan suggested not to pick fights with guys that dress in candy stripes.

Some users poked fun with a reference to the famous children’s puzzle Finding Waldo.

An MMA fan tried to put himself into the shoes of the beaten assailants and vowed to abstain from confrontation or fighting anyone.

A comment suggested the incident could only take place in Russia.

Lastly, someone drew a parallel with the Hollywood actor Jason Statham.

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Notably, the actor is famed for helming roles in action-thriller films, that are typically hard-boiled and gritty. Also, the British actor grew up practicing Chinese martial arts, kickboxing, and karate during his youth.


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What do you think of this astounding clip where a man knocked out two men with a deadly punch? Do you believe losing one’s cool leads to disastrous results? Let us know in the comments below.

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