“Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and Dave Portnoy Eat A** Too” – UFC Veteran Urges Dana White to Hire Fighter Who Might Prove to Be Bruce Buffer’s Worst Nightmare

Published 01/03/2023, 12:30 AM EST

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The current crop of UFC fighters are unmatchable. However, Jake Shields suggested an MMA fighter to the roster of the UFC. People might assume that because of his fighting skills. However, Shields has different criteria to pick fighters. If there’s one thing that fans of UFC can get behind the most, it’s a stylish name. Because the name gives a lot of personality to the fighter. Furthermore, an elegant nickname is a must-have for an MMA professional to become a household brand. Such as ‘The American Gangster’ ‘The Eagle’ ‘The Diamond’ or even something quirky like ‘Funkmaster’ or ‘Stylebender’. However, one fighter has a catchier nickname than all of them combined.

Dana White might look into this MMA fighter

Kasey Dale got noticed by former Strikeforce champion, Jake Shields, for his nickname ‘I eat as*‘ that’s conveniently tattooed across his chest.


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The MMA fighter chose a peculiar line to be tatted on his chest. But, has made a brand out of his nickname. And it seems like his efforts have finally paid off. It is unclear how he came up with such a bizarre phrase as a nickname, but it certainly caught on with MMA fans who reacted along with Shields.

Because of his hilarious nickname, Shields thought he’d be a great fit in the UFC among fighters like Israel Adesanya, Aljamain Sterling, and Conor McGregor. He wrote “I hope UFC Signs him” and pleaded with Dana White to call him up.

One user thought he had enough potential to become ‘Iron Mike’.


Some users resonated with the humorous nickname and found the quote “Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and Dave Portnoy eat as* too” to be hilarious.

However, other users found it weird and offensive and thought someone photoshopped the tattoo on his chest.

But, the funny part is most MMA fans felt sorry for the veteran announcer Bruce Buffer.

This was because he would have to utter those words, each time Dale stepped into the octagon.

A new age of MMA begins soon


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The 43-year-old MMA fighter, Sheilds always offers his take on the latest news. He recently spoke about a boxing update on Transgender athletes. As, WBC (World Boxing Council) is bound to create a separate division for transgenders.


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Shields supported this decision along with Joe Rogan. However, he had doubts about whether some members of the LGBTQ+ community would ever accept this.

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