UFC Connected edition had the latest tribute to UFC 300 and reminisced about the star-studded fighters who made an impact in the octagon. Jim A-10 Miller was one of the fighters in the video and narrated his story of how he became a fighter. A -10 was such a good fighter that he even managed to make Joe Rogan utter words of surprise.

Jim Miller has faced veteran fighters with his jersey-tough grit has 40 plus UFC fights under his belt and has multiple records. He even made Joe Rogan exclaim from excitement after he won. How did he make it this far and what is next for him?

Joe Rogan could not keep his shock at Jim Miller’s grit


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The Hall of Fame fighter was narrating his story of becoming a UFC fighter and how he fell in love with the octagon. In the video, he summarised his life and said, “I summarise my career as pretty fu** long. I had come from a wrestling family I was on the mat as soon as I could walk really. Two older brothers, I was the youngest and always the smallest. In 1997 I went to wrestling camp with my brothers.”

After training the lightweight fighter was shown a VHS by his high school coach. He said, “That was the first time I was introduced to MMA, and immediately fell in love with it.” Finally, he started coming through the local ranks and then stepped into the octagon in UFC 89.

The video cut to the iconic Octagon stage where Miller was going to debut and Rogan’s voice echoed. Rogan called out, “From Sparta New Jersy one of the two Miller brother’s great fighter, a real entertaining young kid, and it’s nice to see him finally in the UFC.” When asked about his favorite fight, Miller said, “It’s hard to pick out favorite moments. My first fight with Joe Lauzon was epic.” Then his epic fight scene showed up with Joe Rogan’s stunned voice in the commentary where he said, “Joe Lauzon trying to finish Miller in the waiting seconds.” However, Miller won and Rogan said, “Wow, what a fight.”

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Meanwhile, even though Rogan was impressed by his fight in UFC 89 DC was not sure if Miller was Hall of Fame level. However, the podcaster’s love for Miller came through and he stuck with his verdict.


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 Joe Rogan endorsed Jim Miller’s status as a Hall of Famer

He had some substantial evidence as to why he supported Miller being a Hall of Famer. He stated that Miller has more fights under his belt than any other UFC fighter. Not only that but he also has the second most submissions under his belt with incredible performance. When he was asked about his support for Miller he said, “F*ck yea. F*ck yea. Most wins ever. Second most submissions ever. Still looks great, never lose weight.” 

Miller was also on the same page as Joe Rogan and was not too pleased with Daniel Cormier’s comments about his Hall of Fame induction. He was a little antagonistic and due comparisons between his career and the career of the former champion. According to MMA Junkie, he stated,  “DC had 15 UFC fights and in his 15 UFC fights – granted he ended up getting the UFC title and stuff like that and double champ. In my first 15 fights, we had the same record.”


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It is safe to conclude that Miller considers himself worthy of a Hall of Fame. Do you also have the same opinion about him?

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