Joe Rogan Makes an Admission About Salad as He Breaks Down Real Hardcore Carnivore People’s Argument Against It

Published 11/02/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan is a fitness enthusiast and does crazy things to stay in shape. One of his habits, which was inspired by clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, is to follow a strict Carnivore diet for a period. This allowed the podcaster to lose his love handles and relieve him of his body aches and pains. But, the 55-year-old revealed some extra information regarding how plants aren’t as innocent and harmless as they seem.

According to the podcaster, plants can cause a specific reaction in some people because of their defense mechanisms.


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Rogan likes to eat salads but has to avoid them

In episode #1890 of JRE, Joe Rogan stated a theory based on his research, claiming that plants release some chemicals to protect themself from a predator. He added that some plants “literally release chemicals that make their leaves taste like shit”.


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While speaking with comedian Bridget Phetasy, the UFC commentator recalled his love for vegetables and leaves. He said “I like to eat salads…” and added “Even when I was like eating carnivore, that was the thing that I missed” expressing his love towards healthy greens “I missed a nice salad”

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However, the podcaster added that there could be a logical reason behind not eating them. He explained, “There’s arguments that the real hardcore carnivore people say (that salads are bad for you)”

According to his research, he found out that “Plants produce chemicals…” that might cause more harm than good. The famous podcaster revealed as part of their defense mechanism, plants release certain chemicals to protect themselves.

“Plants, they can’t run away. So what they do is release these plant defense chemicals”

The former ‘Fear Factor’ host added “Some people are highly sensitive to these” “…they have reactions” and clarified that humans can have an “autoimmune reaction” upon consuming these plants.

No joke. But even the green veggies that our parents force us to eat can be a problem in your diet.

Joe Rogan took inspiration from Jordan Peterson to go carnivore

The 55-year-old revealed his love for a carnivore diet in an Instagram post. He claimed it did wonders consuming just meat for a whole month. Including improving his vitiligo condition and bringing his body to good shape.


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He subscribed to this idea of removing the green in his diet after consulting with famous psychologist Jordan Peterson, who also follows a carnivore diet. Now, the JRE host discovered that even eating something as harmless as a salad can cause adverse reactions.


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What is your take on this Joe Rogan theory on plants?


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