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“Just Stick It in Your Face…He Was Hoping It Was a UFO”- Joe Rogan & Guests Discuss Chinese Spy Balloon

Published 02/05/2023, 3:00 PM EST

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The UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes that the recently shot-down Chinese spy balloon’s purpose was to stick it in the face. Analogous to his carefree and free-floating conversation style, the standup comic recently talked about the incident on his popular podcast. The famed podcaster notably engages with his guests in a lengthy conversation and further brings forth their true personalities. Additionally, the stand-up comic covers everything under the sun as it provides a staple source of entertainment to his followers. Besides, he has a penchant for weaving and steering the conversation while sneaking in a tint of humor, which was on display on the latest The Joe Rogan Experience episode.

In JRE #1936, the UFC personnel sat with the political commentators Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. Given the nature of the guests’ profession, the conversation hovered around political issues. However, the comedian gave a hilarious touch to the proceedings.


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Joe Rogan and guests discuss the spy balloon

The 55-year-old started the conversation as he mentioned the incident of flying a balloon over a country. This prompted Ball to declare that it was a shell game.

Thus, the media host remarked, “it’s such a shell game because, like we know, they’re spying on us. They know we’re spying on them. But you can’t be so f*cking obvious about it, where your spy balloon is there in a commercial airline, jet is like spotting it and so obvious.”


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The other guest pointed out that it was spotted over one of the three sites in the U.S. A. which has intercontinental ballistic missiles. He continued and sarcastically stated that the balloon appeared to fly there and it drifted off there.

Following this, the color commentator asked the guest the purpose of the balloon.

Rogan goes berserk with his comedy

However, the famed TV presenter didn’t wait for the reply and gleefully announced, “Just stick it in your face. It’s like when you remember when Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and China just shot a bunch of missiles into the ocean, killed some dolphins.”

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“I did a joke about it, which is something. They’re trying to kill that lady. She’s making too much money for everybody. You’re stealing too much money,” the former Fear Factor host added later on while laughing.


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Subsequently, the fitness enthusiast jumped to the circumstances of its sighting. Similarly, he comically told, “He [pilot] was probably so bummed out probably he was hoping it was a UFO.’Please let it be a UFO. Let me take out my camera.'”


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What do you think of this particular discussion about the Chinese spy balloon on JRE? Do you also believe that it drifted accidentally or had a covert intention? Let us know in the comments below.



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