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Joe Rogan Couldn’t Wrap His Head Around the Obsession With Nascar “You Guys Are Excited About a Guy Who Races a Car? In a Circle?”

Published 12/22/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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UFC analyst Joe Rogan is no stranger to sharing his unabashed opinion with his fans. The famous podcaster is a huge fan of the wilderness and nature. Therefore, he got into the sport of game hunting, where men compete to hunt deer in the wilderness. The podcast host clearly understands it’s not a common sport. But that only makes the rewards juicier. So Rogan explained it with an analogy of NASCAR.

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A sport that Rogan is quite unfamiliar with. But, has an active community of people who get their kick off the racing circuit. However, this analogy might offend a few of those loyal fans of NASCAR.


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The 55-year-old expressed profound confusion about the sport of NASCAR. In episode 1912, of The Joe Rogan Experience with guest Steven Rinella, host of ‘MeatEater’.

The podcast host compared NASCAR and Deer Hunting

Joe Rogan is a pretty patient person. But he lost his cool after knowing that NASCAR had a huge local fanbase in Nashville. However, Rogan himself couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Because ultimately, it’s just a car going in circles. How could it ever be so appealing?

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Rogan said, “And I’m like, this is a world that I’ve never even heard of. Like, you guys are excited about a guy who races a car? In a circle? For real?”


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He then made his point about Whitetail hunting being similar to that. Because it’s a niche obsession like NASCAR.

Joe Rogan is not the biggest NASCAR enthusiast

The veteran UFC Commentator narrated a story from a time when he was in Nashville or Atlanta. He felt like an alien among the local crowd, who were pretty enthusiastic about NASCAR. Like any sport, the locals know more about the racers and tracks. Meanwhile, Rogan just sat there, clueless about every other detail.

Rogan narrated the story, saying, “Like, I remember one time when I was on the road.”

“I was, uh… I think I was in Nashville.”

The stand-up comedian continued, “and I went into this local radio station. They were talking about NASCAR, and they were talking about ‘This guy and that guy and… did you hear that?’”


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Instinctively, the locals on the radio show quizzed Rogan about a detail among the NASCAR community. Then, the radio show probably heard some static noises as the former fear factor host responded to that in silence.


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