Joe Rogan and Dana White are iconic figures in the world of the UFC. One is a color commentator and analyst who retains a deep knowledge of the vast subject of MMA. The other is the president of UFC, who has brought the joy of MMA and presented it to the whole world. The MMA community loves and respects both of them for their contribution. But their obesity was an immense problem that caused a huge upset.

One was facing online bullies and a confidence battle, while the other had to choose between a healthier lifestyle or a limited lifespan.


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Joe Rogan and Dana White went to war with their bodies

The JRE host had to face fat shaming and the UFC boss faced the threat of death due to his excessive body fat. But how they overcame it might be just the motivation you need to improve.


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Fitness enthusiast Joe Rogan and UFC president Dana White had one thing in common: their mission to lead a healthier lifestyle. Both personalities had to face difficulties due to their obese bodies. The podcaster revealed in January 2020, “I had a belly; a lot of people made fun of me. Fat-shamed me.” he needed to overcome it to gain confidence.

On the other side, Dana White was facing a threat to his life, because of his unhealthy lifestyle. When Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems revealed, he had only 10.4 years to live. Things were not looking good for the two UFC figures.

How they overcame their battles

But, Joe Rogan adopted a special carnivore diet for a month and lost an impressive amount of weight. The JRE host explained, “I did the carnivore diet for all of January. I lost 12 pounds, gained a ton of energy. My energy levels were completely flat the whole month. No ups and downs from crashing after eating.” and even improved his vitiligo due to the diet and rigorous gym sessions.


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The UFC boss stated he lost “30 pounds. I feel like I’m 35 years old again.” after following the diet plan set by his health expert and doing exercise. He also sent a message to everyone out there “There’s somebody who’s listening right now who are going through the same things that I did, horrible sleeping at night, snoring, sleep apnea, borderline diabetes.”


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The message is simple: you can work out even at an older age. Joe Rogan and Dana White have overcome their poor health condition by following a diet and maintaining discipline.


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