“That One Scares Me”- UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Reveals Jon Jones Signature Move That He Is Not a Fan Of

Published 02/13/2023, 3:41 AM EST

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Joe Rogan is a highly respected figure in the world of MMA. With over two decades of experience as the UFC live fight commentator and analyst, Rogan has acquired extensive knowledge and insights into the intricacies of fighting techniques. Furthermore, his black belt in both Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu enhances his credibility and makes his opinions sought after. In a recent episode of the JRE, Joe discussed Jon Jones‘ fighting technique and why it is concerning to him.

Joe Rogan’s expertise extends beyond his work in the UFC. He is also the host of the highly popular podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, which features a variety of guests from different fields. In addition, he has an MMA-focused version of the podcast, the JRE MMA. Here he sits down with prominent figures in the industry to discuss various topics. On JRE MMA #136, Rogan welcomed the new UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill to discuss various moves in MMA and which ones they approve or disapprove of.

The conversation between Rogan and Hill covered a range of topics related to MMA. Amongst many things, they discuss the techniques and strategies used by fighters. They shared their thoughts on the effectiveness of different moves, as well as their concerns about certain techniques. Their discussion was insightful and engaging, offering listeners a unique perspective on the sport and the complexities of MMA fighting.


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Joe Rogan and Jamahal Hill Discuss the Dangers of the ‘Oblique Kick’

Joe Rogan has expressed his dislike for the “obliques kick,” a move that Jon Jones is known to use. The oblique kick is a sidekick to the knee of a standing opponent. During a recent episode of the JRE, he discussed the use of the oblique kick in a fight between Khalil Rountree and Modestas Bukauskas. Unfortunately, Bukauskas knee was severely damaged as a result of the oblique kick.

When discussing the oblique kick, Jamahal Hill echoed Joe Rogan’s concerns. Hill stated, “Yeah, I’m not a fan of that one.” Rogan replied, “That one scares me.” Both fighters are cautious about the use of this move, as the potential outcomes can be catastrophic.

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Despite being a legal technique in MMA, Rogan, and Hill are not fond of the oblique kick. They understand that the move can cause serious injury and can be detrimental to a fighter’s career. This highlights their respect for the sport and their concern for the safety of the fighters. Ultimately, their conversation serves as a reminder that MMA is a physically demanding and sometimes dangerous sport, and fighters must be cautious about the techniques they use in the octagon.

Rogan approves of punches to the back of the head in MMA


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In the latest episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Rogan and the UFC light heavyweight champion tackled another controversial topic in MMA – punches to the back of the head. Hill posed the question, “Why can’t we punch in the back of the head?

Rogan, known for his outspoken views, replied, “I think you should be able to. I really do, it doesn’t make any sense to me that you can’t hit in the back of the head.” His answer reflects the opinion of many fighters who believe that striking the back of the head should be allowed in the sport.


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However, many experts and medical professionals are against punches to the back of the head. They acknowledge the potential health hazards associated with the move. The dangers of head trauma and concussions are well-documented and can have long-lasting effects on a fighter’s health. As a result, many organizations and regulations prohibit punches to the back of the head for the safety of the fighters.

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