UFC President Dana White Told to Hire “Waffle House Girl” After Crazy Texas Brawl Video Goes Viral

Published 12/28/2022, 4:23 PM EST

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Fans are calling on Dana White, the president of the UFC to sign the viral Waffle House girl. They want him to sign her up as an employee of the organization. The woman’s identity has not been publicly revealed. She recently made headlines when a video of her fighting inside a Waffle House went viral. Furthermore, the incident took place in Georgia. In the video, the woman was taking on several opponents and showing impressive fighting skills. The altercation quickly spread across social media. Many people praised the woman and thought her skills should be put to use in the UFC!

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The call for White to hire the Waffle House girl as an employee of the UFC follows his decision to offer a contract to Summer Tapasa, a woman who stopped a robbery at a convenience store in Hawaii. Tapasa’s bravery, captured on surveillance footage, showed her tackling the suspect and holding him down until the police arrived.


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Fans urge Dana White to sign her up!

Like Tapasa, the Waffle House girl has received widespread praise and attention on social media. Many believe she has the potential to be a top fighter and is urging White to give her a chance to prove herself in the octagon. Here’s what they had to say:

One fan urged Dana White to sign her up:


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Furthermore, a fan thought she should be hired like Tapasa. Here’s what they said:

In addition, a fan would watch her fight inside the octagon. Here’s what they said:

Whilst this fan believes that White will sign her up.

Moreover, a fan urged White to give her a contract soon.

A fan said that White will start signing waffle house employees:

Moreover, a social media user had a hilarious remark.

Lead Singer of City of sounds said:

Thus, several people wanted to see her in the UFC.

Back when White hired an employee to stop a shoplifter

Dana White once hired a woman who stopped a shoplifter. He gave a job to a Best Buy employee who was laid off after the incident video went viral. However, Dana White was quick to offer her a job once he became aware of the incident.


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He said, “I brought her out to Vegas. I offered her a job here. She went back to Hawaii, she weighed all her options, and she decided to work for UFC. She is now a UFC employee, so for all of you thinking about f**king around here at UFC, you will get your a*s whooped by Summer.

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Summer Tapasa said, “My name is Summer Tapasa and I am a UFC corporate security officer. I have been working with UFC for eight days and I am looking forward to expanding my career and hopefully moving on up.


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As the calls for White to sign the Waffle House girl as an employee of the UFC continue to grow, it remains to be seen whether he will take the plunge and offer her a contract.




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