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Is Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler happening or not? People have been extremely worried after the Dublin press conference was postponed without any reason shared. As per the Irishman, it happened because of matters outside his control. However, a lot of rumors are swirling about UFC 303 and one of them is that McGregor versus Chandler might get canceled.

From UFC veterans to teams of other fighters, everyone is speculating about what could happen. Amid this, Team Khabib’s Ali Abdelaziz shared his theory. What did he say?

Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler is still on!


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During an interview with Submission Radio, Ali Abdelaziz was asked about UFC 303. He said, “Conor has to get off the bottle, and he has to leave the dr*gs alone and focus. He’s a guy who was a two-division champion. He have talent. But is the hard work now there or not there, you have to ask him this much.”

McGregor was seen partying with his fiancé Dee Devlin a few days ago at The Black Forge Inn, and even though the former dual-weight champion is an icon, the UFC world did not appreciate him partying just days before the fight.

The interviewer, Denis Shkuratov, further asked him, By the way, did you get any calls from the UFC regarding UFC 303 when the press conference got canceled? Like were they seeing if any of your guys were available just in case this fight did come together?”

The manager gave a straight reply. “No, I didn’t get any calls because I don’t think this fight was ever canceled.” It looks like even Ali Abdelaziz is confident that McGregor versus Chandler will take place. While he was sure about the fight, Dana White chose to not comment on the situation. However, there are more who weighed in on the matter. Just days ago, Brendan Schaub revealed that the UFC was searching for a replacement fight. Now, it is not because the Irishman’s fight is canceled but for the promotion to stay on the safe side.

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However, he also opined that ‘Mystic Mac’ could be dealing with a leg injury. Regardless, he was confident that the fight was on. Just like Schaub, Chael Sonnen was sure that the fight was not canceled, and that there were no drug testing issues on McGregor’s part.

So far, it doesn’t seem like fans have a reason to worry about UFC 303. However, ESPN and the UFC had removed the videos of McGregor’s previous fights, which they uploaded as a part of promoting the event.


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Was the UFC tricking fans?

The promotion just played a huge checkmate on everyone and re-uploaded the same fight videos that they had taken down. In addition to that, they have also uploaded previous fight videos of Chandler. Even though Dana White and the other stakeholders are still mute about the future of the fight, these actions are speaking louder than words right now.

Meanwhile, Michael Chandler has added relief to the chaos, and he came forward to state that he was still ready to fight. If anyone wanted to contact him, he would be in his hometown. Now why is this information so intriguing? This is because he was training away from home and gave this update about returning to his hometown.


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Chandler even reassured people on The Pivot Podcast that the fight was happening. “The fight is happening, yeah, where we are right now, there’s a lot of speculation but yeah the fight is happening on June 29th.”

With hardly weeks left until the fight, people are growing more nervous. After all, ‘The Notorious’ will make a comeback after almost three years. People want to see if he is still the same fighter. Do you think Conor McGregor still has what it takes to be a top MMA fighter? Let us know in the comments below.