Violently Threatening Conor McGregor Takes a Bad Turn for 50 Cent as UFC World Condemns Rapper After Beef Resurfaces

Published 04/23/2024, 8:23 AM EDT

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Conor McGregor will take on Michael Chandler at UFC 303, returning from a hiatus of almost 3 years! Even after having shin surgery and getting a titanium rod on his leg, he seems to be training hard for the fight and there are no signs of weakness in ‘The Notorious’ according to his coach. This goes to show that he is one of the most talented fighters in UFC. However, this did not stop American rapper 50 Cent from taking shots at the fighter in the past. Let’s take a short recap of what happened.

The American’s friendship with Floyd Mayweather made him get caught up in a feud with McGregor. The UFC star had shouted as well, “What’s up New York City! 50 Cent’s a bi**h!” during the press tour of the ‘May-Mac’ boxing fight in 2017. This is what prompted 50 Cent to say that he could fight McGregor and now the resurfaced news has fans triggered again.

When 50 Cent threatened to “beat the s*** out of” Conor McGregor


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The friction between the two goes back to 2020 and even went on to social media where the beef continued with memes. 50 Cent decided to compare McGregor’s instance of attacking Khabib’s bus with Britney Spears attacking the paparazzi while she was pregnant. He mocked McGregor with a morphed picture of Spears after the ‘Road House’ star’s dolly-throwing incident during the feud with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

As per an article by MMA Junkie, McGregor, too, had some things to say about the rapper and songwriter. One of those instances resurfaced recently when 50 Cent claimed that he could beat the UFC star. The Reddit post quoted 50 Cent‘s words and posted, “50 Cent believes he can take Conor in a street fight. In the Street? C’mon, He weighs 150 pounds. I’d beat the s*** out of Conor”

USA Today via Reuters

50 Cent had told MMA Mania that he could take “The Notorious” in a fight. He said, I was like, dude, this fool didn’t know if he was fighting Floyd or me. I was like, ‘Where did that come from?’- you know? But he was doing his job; he was putting on a show and making sure everybody was paying attention. In the street? Yeah! C’mon, he weighs 150 pounds, man!”

Both the personalities have made fun of each other and 50 Cent was not the only artist McGregor had a beef with. As recently as 2021, he had issues with Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs. However, this resurfaced post triggered the fans who supported Mcgregor.


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Fans fully support McGregor and his prowess

Conor McGregor might have been on a hiatus from the Octagon but now he is back and training as hard as ever. Even coach Kavanagh declared that he is “too sharp” and is ready to massacre his opponent. Seems like fans are on board with this and acknowledge his prowess. One follower described how people outside the UFC industry underestimate the fight inside the Octagon. They said, “It’s the same thing as your average Joe wouldn’t bet on himself on winning a rock climbing race against a professional climber but when it comes to fighting everyone thinks they are Mike Tyson.”

Another fan cleverly explained how McGregor was a professional fighter so he would have more chances of winning, I’d put my money on the guy who fights for a living.”One netizen insulted 50 Cent’s previous comment and said, “Your average person is so f***ing delusional about their capabilities in a fight. 50’s comment is not surprising.”


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One follower challenged 50 Cent and said, I guess you never saw Conor throw one…”Another follower talked about McGregor’s weight class and said that 50 Cent is delusional. They wrote, “People are delusional. Aside from the fact that Conor probably walks around at 185, what difference does weight make? He’s not even beating Pantoja in a street fight.”

UFC weight classes sometimes need fighters to either cut or put on weight to fight in a specific class, however, there are techniques to do that. One follower pointed out the lack of knowledge 50 Cent has about this and said, 50 doesn’t know about weight cuts if he thinks Connor walks around at 150.” Another UFC buff said, “Conor would kick his leg off in 2 seconds.” As of now 50 Cent and McGregor are maintaining a cease fire on social media. The Irishman’s sole focus is on fighting Michael Chandler at UFC 303. Will McGregor win? What do you think?


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