“It’s Gangster as F***” – Michael Bisping on Dana White’s Island Plan for UFC 249

April 10, 2020 1:36 am

Dana White’s persistence regarding keeping the wheel of events rolling has garnered him a lot of attention. But the attention has gone both ways – good and bad. While major promoters have been shutting him down, White’s former employee, Michael Bisping, heaped praise upon him.

Talking on the ‘Believe You Me” podcast, the former Middleweight champ was excited with the fact that the UFC will be coming back to action soon. However, he confessed to not know where the supposed island is. He even rang up some people he knew in the UFC office, but up to no avail.

Nevertheless, not knowing the location isn’t a deterrent to Bisping’s appreciation for Dana.

This is f****ng awesome. Love him or hate him, whatever your stance on the Coronavirus thing is, this is a pretty f****ng awesome solution to the problem.”

Bisping was joined by Comedian Luis J Gomez. The latter had a similar opinion about Dana’s actions. Gomez inquired whether Dana had actually bought the island or he has simply booked it for some time.

If he did buy it is a solid investment. Because property always goes up,” Bisping said jokingly. “He has access to an island. The infrastructure is being built right now. Some kind of a temporary arena, just like they do in Abu Dhabi.”

Bisping further revealed that his circle of trust is telling him that it is off the coast of Northern California. “The Count” added that the way the event is being planned, it would shut up all the critics.

Luis Gomez tells Michael Bisping that Dana White is the greatest promoter ever on one condition

Dana White has solidified his place in the game of selling fights. However, there are still many that consider him a notch below the like of Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn. The Matchroom promoter even referred to Dana’s moves as a sign of his stubbornness.

But what is stubbornness in Eddie’s eyes, can catapult Dana over him in the promotional ladder.

“Dana White goes down in history as the greatest promoter ever,” said Gomez. “Maybe it doesn’t happen. I don’t know. If he f****ng boards an island to make UFC 249 happen, then it like ‘F*** you dude’. This is crazy. It’s a new level of passion.”

It’s gangster as f***,” these words from the former champ were enough to resonate what he felt about Dana’s plans.

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