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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Highest Paid Film Is Shockingly Not Terminator

Published 05/09/2022, 9:45 AM EDT

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We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger was very successful in his bodybuilding career, and he entered the show biz industry later. Acting in movies was his passion as he released some of the greatest box office hits in Hollywood. The Terminator is a legendary series of films known for its futuristic ideas shown in the film with superb cinematography and VFX. While it collected massive amounts at the box office, this was not the movie that Arnold received his biggest paycheck.

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A movie named ‘Twins’ with Danny DeVito was the one that got him his heftiest paycheck. His visionary thinking helped him gain extra millions and paved the way for similar future deals.


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A Visionary move by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold met director Ivan Reitman, who was happy after the success of the Ghostbusters. He convinced the director to hire Danny DeVito. The three of them agreed to a deal and signed it on tissue paper. However, this is just one of the incredible things which happened.
The movie became a huge hit across the world. Thus, the negotiations began.

As they negotiated the deal, Arnold refused to get payments for the movie. In fact, he wanted his pay by backend points. The decision worked wonders. They agreed to get 45% of the movie after it got released, and the studio could produce the movie for $18 million. After its release, the movie fetched $216 million at theaters alone. It became a resounding success, and assuming the calculations, Arnold earned up to $35-40 million from the movie.


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“The movie went through the roof internationally and domestically. I think we all made more money on that movie than on anything we’ve ever done, even though I had salaries of $30 million dollars on some movies… This was the biggest payday because we owned a percentage of EVERYTHING. TV rights, cable rights, merchandising… We owned that money and made a fortune,” said Arnold.


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Arnold gets the best out of everything

From all the total collections, the duo must have earned $35-40 million, and if adjusted with the current inflation, his earnings could be $70-80 million in 2016. That’s staggering. His passion for the movie helped him to gain millions, and he put his heart and soul into it.

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Hence, the Terminator superstar made smart deals throughout his career. Likewise, he became a millionaire way before he entered the show business. His dive into the real estate market gave him millions and sets him apart from the rest. Schwarzenegger is one of the best bodybuilders in the world and an absolutely fantastic actor, and a person who can inspire millions.


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