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“You Threw Some Crazy A** Weights”: Jay Cutler Recognizes Strongest Bodybuilder Besides Ronnie Coleman

Published 12/30/2022, 1:15 PM EST

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4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler sat in for a session with the strongest bodybuilder of his time and interestingly, it wasn’t the widely affirmed Ronnie Coleman. Instead, he acknowledged former bodybuilder, Chris Cormier as the strongest one. He commended Cormier with respect to the impact he set on the competitors and the bodybuilding world as a whole.

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Moreover, Cormier opened up about his bodybuilding journey and spilled out insights from his time at business school. He even mentioned certain specifics of his career that no bodybuilding fan would not want to miss. Settle in for the great discussion. 

Jay Cutler’s discussion with Chris Cormier


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In a recent podcast of the Cutlercast, Jay Cutler featured retired American bodybuilder, Chris Cormier and acclaimed him for his significant influence on the bodybuilding domain. He mentioned it as, “You were one of these pros that was able to come right in and basically make an impact.” 

Additionally, Jay emphasized on the fact that the world believed Ronnie Coleman to be one of the strongest bodybuilders but in his views, Cormier ought to be one. He disclosed, “But dude, you threw some crazy a** weights.” In addition to that, the quad-stomp poser shared anecdotes from one of his flex photoshoots, saying he was astonished by the latter’s weight-lifting feats. “Chris Lund would be like, Chris Cormier just came in and banged up the 200 pound dumbbells”, Cutler revealed. “You were f****** strong”, Cutler added.


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Further in the interview, Cormier got candid and revealed scoops of his past. Apparently, the former bodybuilder was in his business law class while daydreaming about his career in bodybuilding, and even questioning his then life choices. He stated, “I was in my Business Law class, I was writing down Mister Olympia, Mister Teenage America…” However, he managed to get his priorities straight and reportedly, walked out of the class to bolt to his passion. 

Another intriguing discussion by Jay Cutler 

In yet another podcast, the bodybuilding beast opened up about his tough decision of switching trainers mid-journey. Post his loss in 2008, Cutler switched from Chris Aceto to Hany Rambod, and appointed him as his trainer. Justifying the decision, the champion implied that it was rather an unplanned decision and quite a tough call. 


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“When I had to make that switch, you know, it was kind of like, I was kind of in dire straits where I really really needed a career boost and that’s why I switched to Hany”, Cutler said. Although, under Hany, the legend flourished and eventually, won the 2009 and 2010 Mr. Olympia titles consecutively. 

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After sweeping the bodybuilding world off its feet, Cutler is now adding value to our lives through his meaningful podcast venture. Moreover, his picking on our brains to alter opinions and providing recognition to the greats of the sport is a one-of-a-kind effort. Let us know if he was able to set an impression. Who do you think is the strongest bodybuilder? 


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