4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Shares His First-Ever Interview From 1993: “Wanted to Be Something That No One Else Was”

Published 02/11/2023, 12:30 PM EST

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Jay Cutler is one of the best bodybuilders to compete in professional bodybuilding. He was one of the rare athletes who were almost perfect with an impeccable physique. However, in his teens when he began bodybuilding, he wasn’t as great as he is now, but his ambitions and vision were massive and clear. Recently, the 4-time Mr. Olympia shared a video with his fans on Facebook. The video was the first interview that he ever gave, which dates back to 1993, the year he made his pro debut. 

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Cutler was just 20 years old then, but his confidence to conquer looked like that of an experienced person. Nonetheless, he did what he said in his 20 years of professional career. 

Jay Cutler’s sense of reality, confidence, and self-belief were exemplary for his age


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When a proficient amateur bodybuilder turns into a pro, he is compared with several former greats. The bodybuilder might take it as a compliment, pressure, or responsibility. Cutler handled it pretty well. During the interview he shared on his Facebook page, the interviewer mentioned a couple of names Cutler was compared to during his pro debut. And one of them was Matt Mendenhall, who was one of the most loved bodybuilders.

However, Cutler replied in a very composed way. He said, “many people say you got great potential, you got great potential but the only one that’s going to do it is me and that’s all. That’s why I have got to focus on higher things.” Moreover, when he was asked about the thing that influenced him the most. Cutler said, “I wanted to be something that no one else was.”


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Fans also reacted on the post referring Cutler as a champion and inspiration. They wrote, 

“Absolutely Legendary 💪 💪”

“One of my biggest inspirations and motivations to stay fit and strive for more”

“Mr. Cutler, you were a great champion in your day. 💪💪👌”

“Jay Cutler you are My Favorite bodybuilder Ever , You have your Unique Style , Muscle shape and always Be My inspiration Legend”

“Such a great dude and such a great ambassador for the sport 🙏♥️”

“I’m so glad that we were witnessing the greatest bodybuilding generation. Thank you Jay Cutler for all your efforts and inspirations💪🏽”

“Cutler always the best…. Less attitude n high confidence”

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Other than that, his confidence was also exceptional. Competing against the greats like Dorian Yates and others, he committed to being on the top in the next two years. However, it took a little more than that, but he made some massive impacts on the bodybuilding stage during his time. 


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The bodybuilding fans reacted to the vintage video 

In 1993, an amateur bodybuilder began competing in the pro circuit. Little did anyone knew that he will be a legend of the sport one day. However, he did know. The bodybuilding beast has won 4 Mr. Olympia and stood six times as the runner-up, which made him the biggest competitor of another legend, Ronnie Coleman. Other than that, he also won three Arnold Classic titles in his magnificent career.


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Even after 10 years of retirement, he still looks as good as he did in his competing years. Moreover, even now he keeps inspiring people with his newsletter and guides them in the right direction with his valuable advice on diet, and training. Looking at the 30-year-old video, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section.  

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