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Kaivalya R Pillai


One take at a time

About me

Kaivalya R Pillai is a sports writer at EssentiallySports, who brings a unique perspective to his coverage of various American sports. While he has covered multiple sports during his EssentiallySports journey, his passion for bodybuilding shines through in his writing. With a background in pharmaceuticals, Kaivalya has a deep understanding of the science behind bodybuilding and enjoys covering angles that talk about bodybuilding supplements, diets, and steroid usage. One of Kaivalya's most notable articles for EssentiallySports is his coverage of the youngest 'Mr. Olympia,' which holds a special place in his heart. He is also a devoted fan of legends Michael Phelps and Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he admires and looks up to for inspiration. In his leisure time, Kaivalya likes to read novels and explore different adventure sports. His passion for creativity and adventure is evident in his writing, and his love for the sport is infectious.