Ronnie Coleman is one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world. The 8-time Mr. Olympia winner reached success late in his career, but when he did, he grasped it for real long. Moreover, he didn’t even wanted to become a bodybuilder. But Coleman’s habit of being the best in whatever he does took him to the heights in bodybuilding as well.

Ronnie Coleman celebrated the tenth anniversary of his business in 2021. And to make it more special, he inaugurated his fitness app on the anniversary called ‘Yeah Buddy™’. However, Coleman is not a tech-friendly guy and didn’t know much about it, he took this step to make the journey of fitness more simple and smooth.


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Ronnie Coleman’s ‘Yeah Buddy™’ app

Last year, Coleman marked the tenth year of his entrepreneurship journey. The fitness icon never left the fitness field. He stood compact in the fitness line even after retiring from professional bodybuilding. Being a professional bodybuilding, he had immense knowledge about supplements, nutrients, and working out. He simply used it to begin his business and a journey to make people’s bodybuilding easier with the proper manufacturing of supplements.

However, last year he added a twist to that when he introduced his app ‘Yeah Buddy’ and merged tech into his business. Coleman said in an interview last year, “The driving force behind Yeah Buddy™ is simplifying fitness. It includes everything you need to manage your fitness journey in a single app.”

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He added, “I never back down from a challenge, and if technology can make getting in shape more attainable, then I’m all for it.”

The app has more than 10k downloads from the Google play store. One can download the app from App store or Play store.

Once Ronnie Coleman gave it all away for his business


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Ronnie Coleman winded up his magnificent professional bodybuilding career in 2007. After being unable to pull the title back for two consecutive years, Coleman decided its time to give his body some rest. However, after retiring, he didn’t leave the path of fitness and used his experience and knowledge to set up his supplement business called ‘Coleman Culture’.

It may seem that after so much success, it would have been easier for Coleman to set up his business, but it wasn’t. He had to work hard to make his business a successful venture. One of his representatives once revealed“Ronnie sold all his vehicles, a lot of property, a lot of assets that he owned.”  


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As usual, Ronnie did his thing. Believed in himself with all his heart and worked hard on his business to make it successful. Now, it has been over ten years and he has taken his business to another level. His vision is to make bodybuilding easy and interesting at the same time. With the release of the ‘Yeah Buddy’ app, he is trying to make bodybuilding a sorted experience with all information in one place.