80-Year-Old Bodybuilding Legend Frank Zane Debunked a Common Bulking Myth for Massive Size: “Do Not Be in Such a Hurry to Gain…”

Published 01/17/2023, 2:00 PM EST

The sporting world of bodybuilding is rather famous for its well-built stature and meticulous physiques. And, in order to build a muscular frame, bodybuilders holistically follow a disciplined regime to achieve physical prowess. However, the 3x Mr. Olympia champion, Frank Zane does not side with the instant weight gain that renders rapid muscle development.

Recently, the Chemist took to his social media to share several drawbacks of hurried muscle development. And, also shared a holistic approach to building a meticulous body. 

Frank Zane shared the downside of instant weight gain


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In his latest Instagram post, the bodybuilder shared a picture of himself with the quote, “gaining weight” written on it. In the picture, Zane was posing in the front double bicep and abdominal posture. Moreover, captioning the post, the 80-year-old penned, “Do not be in such a hurry to gain weight that you ruin your symmetry and proportions”.

Interestingly, Zane further shared the reason to avoid rapid weight gain. As per the Chemist, “weight gained quickly goes primarily to big muscle groups like thighs, butt, pecs- all centrally located.” Furthermore, sharing the right approach, the 3x Mr. Olympia wrote, “Building mass to extremities like calves and forearms helps with a more aesthetic look”.


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Clearly, Frank Zane has an exceptional perspective on various bodybuilding facets. Moreover, even though ‘the Chemist’ himself is the king of symmetry, he does not agree with the heavy workouts.

Zane’s outlook on heavy workouts


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As per the Chemist, following a heavy workout routine may induce some health repercussions. Moreover, it also induces some injuries that can later affect the longevity of a bodybuilder’s career. Interestingly, Zane also shared his outlook on rigorous workout sessions by stating, “I am more interested in longevity than heavy-weights”. 

Furthermore, Zane’s Instagram speaks volumes when it comes to following the right way of gaining muscular strength. Not just that, the Chemist likes to keep his fans updated through his valuable bodybuilding lessons. All in all, Zane is a staunch champion through and through.


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