“Much More Than This Muscle Building”: Samson Dauda’s Win Brings Back Coach Milos Sarcev’s 90’s Dream

Published 03/05/2023, 11:15 AM EST

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Samson Dauda just stole the breath of the bodybuilding community on the 2023 Arnold Classic stage. The world’s top 10 bodybuilders competed in this year’s Arnold Classic. In the end, it was Duada who claimed the throne. Moreover, for such a feat, the 30-year-old had sought help, training with Milos Sarcerv as his coach for the 2023 Arnold Classic.

Under Sarcev’s tutelage, Dauda stole the show. Milos Sarcev is an IFBB bodybuilder from Serbia and also won the Mr. Universe title in 1989. In an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports, Sarcev revealed the reason behind choosing Dauda as his trainee for the Arnold Classic competition.

Milos Sarcev leads Samson Dauda to victory


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During the interview with EssentiallySports, Sarcev revealed his plans for the then-upcoming 2023 Arnold Classic. The trainer mentioned that he had only one candidate who he was training for the competition. Turns out, that one candidate was his golden ticket. Sarcev said, “For the Arnold Classic, I have only one competitor, Samson Dauda. But that one can, I hope will take the show. This is, uh, you know, my breed.”


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Then, Sarcev went on to explain his training style, and why, according to him, Dauda was the perfect candidate. “I believe that bodybuilding is much more than this muscle building. I love the shape mechanics, and the force and balance. And, Samson Dauda is actually a combination of all that. So, I want to bring back the beauty of the 90s. You know, the times when I competed with guys like Sean Ray, Flex Wheeler… Chris Cormier.”

Sarcev’s goal, it seems like, was to bring back in fashion, the classic physique that Schwarzenegger made famous. “So, I do think that the trend of going just for muscle mass, the more muscle the better, it’s not the right way to do it. And I hope, with this, in the classic, when Samson Dauda presents his physique, they are going to consider him valuable.” And boy, was he right!

Dauda dominated the competition


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After a series of callouts in the prejudging and the final rounds, it was concluded that Samson Dauda, Nick Walker, and Andrew Jacked would be title contenders. While Nick Walker gave him tough competition, ultimately it was Dauda who conquered everyone else. As also pointed out by Sarcev earlier, Dauda has a flowing physique and Milos Sarcev definitely taught him how to show it off. Evidently, the Serbian taught him well.


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Dauda cemented his description as one of the best posers in IFBB, and each of his poses was carefully designed to expose his muscular frame in the best manner possible. One of the probable reasons why he took the title was because he has a symmetrical physique. In addition to that, he improved his conditioning in the finals round, as compared to the prejudging. After that, he was practically unstoppable.


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