If you are trying to locate the fittest superstar in Hollywood, look no further than Henry Cavill. The actor who played Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice could pass off for a real-life Superman with his muscular physique. The Brit is almost 40 years old. But you would never guess that looking at his killer body. Even though Cavill is a strong man now, even he faced the wrath of bullies when he was in school.

Before the star had a ripped body, he was singled out by his peers for being overweight. The bullying that ensued due to his weight issues was certainly hard for him. However, the humble man that he is, he has come out to say that he doesn’t hold any grudges against his bullies now. But the anecdote he shared is still harrowing.

Henry Cavill suffered at the hands of his bullies


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Recently in an interview, Cavill was asked if he was bullied in school, “Did they bully you at school? Did they call you fatty?” The star’s reply to this was, “Fat Cavill was the actual name. But you know what? I was fat. And my name was still Cavill then. So, it was a fairly fitting nickname.” Because of being overweight, he was an easy target for the acerbic comments of his bullies.

Even though he was distressed by their words and actions, Henry Cavill has since then long made peace with their behaviors. “Cruel, but kids are cruel,” said Cavill. He added, “At that age, kids are still stretching their social muscles. And I don’t think it’s malicious necessarily. They’re just pushing their boundaries socially and they’re just trying to find out where they fit and where everyone around them fit. And especially in boarding school. And especially in boarding school.”

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He then also explained the reason why he did not hold any grudges against them. “I don’t hold any grudges and one of the terrible things about bullies is that they’re bullies for a reason. And, it’s probably because they are getting bullied. And from a far more dangerous place than a kid in school.” While Cavill is magnanimous in his thought process, that does not mean he has not been affected by the bullying, as he has revealed in interviews.

How bullying changed Cavill’s life


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According to Cavill, his experiences have resulted in him having a new perspective on life. They have shaped him as a person, and have also had a positive effect on his talent. He revealed, “It helped me read people very well, which has helped me in this industry. If I can understand the inner workings of a human being, then I can probably be a better actor.” But not all influences have been positive. The actor has become increasingly critical of his appearance.


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To chase away the demons caused by his traumatic experiences, he has taken to bodybuilding to achieve a physique anyone would be awed by and jealous of. For all his roles, he has indulged in extreme training, working out for almost three hours every day. From a bullied kid to becoming a Hollywood star, the humble man has come a long way.

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