In today’s world, we have thousands of options for everything. If we talk about workouts and diet, there are thousands of influencers with their respective opinions on social media. And as people watch something intriguing, they swiftly want to add it to their workout regimen or diet. Following a particular one is alright, but constantly changing routines in place of sticking to one, ruins growth. In the latest edition of his newsletter, Cutler Club, bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler talks about something similar. Cutler shares his alarming view on how short-term thinking is badly affecting the results. 

4x Mr. Olympia gives valuable advice in his newsletter and asks to stop ruining the process of growth. In this article, let’s have a look at Jay Cutler’s wise words and gentle warning.

Jay Cutler’s take on the greed of short-term success


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Keeping the millennial need to get short-term results, Jay Cutler stated a warning for his fans. In his newsletter, Cutler Club, he wrote, “If you are somebody who gets your next workout from Instagram, or changes your diet day to day because you saw something in a magazine, there is a good chance this is ruining your progress.” 

According to Cutler, people get more excited about short-term goals, rather than finding the direction they want to work in. Cutler believes in finding a goal, knowing about the process in detail, and grinding until reaching the goal. Let’s have a look at another edition of Cutler’s newsletter where he talks about the golden rule of healthy eating.

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Jay Cutler reveals the common mistake of following a diet

The importance of a healthy diet is no longer new information. However, how to attain a healthy diet has become the biggest question for fitness seekers. While nutritionists and trainers write down a strict healthy diet for you, bodybuilding icon, Jay Cutler has a much more feasible and simpler advice for everyone.


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According to Jay Cutler, one must include their preferable food options in their diet rather than forcing something they don’t like. It will increase the probability of them sticking to their routine and making a healthy diet.


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Jay Cutler dismisses the idea of constantly changing the workout regimen or diet. Moreover, he advises knowing the process, and sticking to it to obtain growth. What do you think of Jay Cutler’s warning and advice?

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